VluchtelingenWerk educational packages

Dutch NGO VluchtelingenWerk has developed a comprehensive package of teaching materials on refugees, asylum and migration

Materials available

The educational packages of VluchtelingenWerk Nederland are subdivided by age and level of primary and secondary education:

  • The package for primary schools contains a number of easy-to-play games and exercises to explain the plight of refugees and asylum-seekers, as well as background reading for teachers and evaluation method sheets.
  • The package for the lower grades of secondary education (ages 12 – 14) consists of two digital lesson packages (LINK TO which can be projected via a beamer or screen in a class. 
  • The package for the higher grades of secondary education (ages 15 – 18) also consists of a package of digital teaching materials
  • In addition to the teaching materials, VluchtelingenWerk is offering face-to-face interactive sessions with some of their advocacy experts to secondary schools via the website Humanity House.
  • The educational package of VluchtelingenWerk also contains a Facts & Figures section on the situation of refugees and migrants worldwide and the so-called “Refugee Atlas” containing facts and figures on refugees and asylum-seekers in the Netherlands.

Age groups

Suitable for children aged 6 and older.


All of Vluchtelingenwerk’s educational materials are only available in Dutch. 

How to order

The educational package for primary schools is available as a free download on VluchtelingenWerk’ website.

The digital packages for secondary education are available for free. Teachers need to register here for the lower grades packes, and here for the higher grades.

All information on VluchtelingenWerk’s educational materials can be found on this portal on their website.

Questions via e-mail can be addressed to [email protected].