Cities #WithRefugees*

Most refugees live in towns and cities, mayors and community
leaders play a critical role in mobilising support.

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All across the world, people are standing with refugees. Our community map showcases diverse local initiatives supporting people forced to flee.

The Food Project is geeting frsh fruit and vegetables to refugees in Greece Livelihood NGO
Meet My mama détecte, valorise et libère les talents culinaires de femmes au foyer issues des migrations ou réfugiées French-FR NGO Other
Economic Integration Fair Community CSO Government Livelihood NGO
Integration Activity 'Caminemos en familia #ConLosRefugiados' Advocacy Community CSO Government NGO
Mural painting Advocacy CSO Other
Presentation of the film "Noche Herida" follow by a discussion about the local integration of IDP´s Advocacy Community CSO NGO
New academy for immigrant and refugee students planned in Fayette Education Educational Institution
Arts Festival to celebrate the integration of refugees to the Costa Rican society. Civil Society NGO
Screening of WRD PSA in Seoul Advocacy CSO Livelihood
These Syrian refugees use street theater to share their stories and change the perception of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Advocacy CSO NGO
Empowerment through employment: Georgia nonprofit 'capitalizes' on the creativity of women seeking refuge Livelihood NGO
The RHYME summer program provides Indianapolis-area refugee teens the opportunity to transition into their communities and learn about what they can do after they graduate from high school Education Educational Institution
After being a refugee in Canada, Thuy is now sponsoring a refugee familly from Syria Individual Shelter
Refugee Food Festival; when restaurants open their kitchens to refugee chefs Livelihood NGO
Point93, which helps people open online stores on Shopify, are donating their services free to refugees Corporate Livelihood
Harvest resource pack helps you raise money to support refugees Advocacy NGO
UN Women supports training women Food Coop members in Cameroon Education Livelihood NGO
Ritsumeikan University admitted Syrian refugees to graduate school Education Educational Institution Government
Ashley Community Housing provides support and training for refugees Education Shelter Social Enterprise Civil Society
A Basket of Solutions Advocacy Corporate Livelihood NGO
Second Inning - The Refugee Cricket Project Company NGO Other
12,000 Icelanders open their homes to refugees Individual Shelter
Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers Advocacy Education NGO Other
The Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) - Free academic courses in Vienna Education Government
Support to Life (STF) - Letters of Love Advocacy Education IO Livelihood NGO Other Shelter
The Refugees United Soccer Academy Advocacy Education Livelihood NGO Other
Wefugees offers a unique refugee support structure Individual NPO Other Solutions
Refugees and Norwegians get together for first-class networking Livelihood NPO
Knack is a mission-driven company that aims to give people of all walks of life the power to discover their talent and live life to their fullest potential. Advocacy Corporate Education Livelihood
Concordia University: Three ways to help refugees Education Government
StrickWärme – für Menschen auf der Flucht (KnitWarmth - for people on the move) Advocacy Civil Society Education Health Livelihood NGO
Amnesty International Bochum Advocacy Education NGO
#BIENVENIDOSREFUGIADOS Bienvenidos Refugiados – España es una plataforma ciudadana para compartir iniciativas y recursos de ayuda a los refugiados Advocacy Nonprofit Organization
House of love for every child - SOS Children’s villages Serbia participated on Final Conference of Emergency Response Program in Macedonia Livelihood NPO Other Shelter
Auf Augenhöhe ("At Eye Level" project) Advocacy Education Faith-based
Listen Give Initiative Advocacy Corporate Media Other
Cape Town NGO provides skills training for refugees Advocacy Livelihood NGO
Barefoot to Boots Health NGO
Rohingya Refugee Response Language Capacity-Building NGO Other
RefuComm - To empower refugees by giving them knowledge, because knowledge is power Knowledge and Information Sharing Livelihood Other
Open Cultural Center - Culture Without Borders, Barcelona, Spain Education NPO Other
Migrant English Project - Welcoming asylum seekers, refugees and migrants to Brighton and Hove Education NPO
Small Projects Istanbul Education Livelihood NGO
Education in Liberia Education
IPA | switxboard Innovation and Planning Agency Global Networking and Humanitarian Expertise Global Networking Humanitarian Expertise NPO
A world in which everyone has the equal chance to access and succeed in higher education Education NGO
RefugeeNow - Kampala Corporate Livelihood Other
Cricket Without Boundaries Advocacy Education NPO Social Change
Violence unmakes the world. Preemptive Love unmakes violence. Help families in Iraq and Syria rebuild from the ashes of war. Emergency Relief Livelihood NPO Other
RefuSHE Fashion Show – Chicago, United States, 12 April 2018 Advocacy Livelihood NGO
Refugee Football Cup - 4-5 August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Advocacy Education
Concordia Annual Summit - New York, United States, 24-26 September 2018 Advocacy
In June 2018, Refugee Week will reach an important milestone: 20 years of celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees. Advocacy Fundraising NPO Other
Skoll's vision is to live in a sustainable world of peace & prosperity. Advocacy Foundation Livelihood Other Social Entrepreneurship
I’m alive exhibition includes interviews with refugees and their stories about how smartphones and the internet helped them during their dangerous, long journeys towards safety. Advocacy Government
#ShareJourney: Une semaine pleine de rencontres du 17 au 24 juin, Bruxelles, Belgique Advocacy Other
Rural Australians for Refugees: Building The Future Advocacy CSO Human Rights Other
Dancing to Connect for Refugee Integration, Germany Livelihood NGO Other
The Refugee Food Festival – Panama, 19-20 June 2018 Advocacy
Dream Diaries Photo exhibition - Vienna, Austria, 11 June – 6 July 2018 Advocacy
World Refugee Day - UNHCR, Sloviansk, Ukraine, 20.06.2018 - 21.06.2018 Advocacy Health Livelihood NGO Other
vivo International e.V., Bielefeld, Germany Health NGO
Flüchtlingsrat Baden-Württemberg (Refugee Council of Baden-Württemberg) Advocacy Education NGO
World Relief Fox Valley, Oshkosh, WI - Empowering the local Church to serve the most vulnerable Advocacy Humanitarian Assistance Humanitarian Relief Legal Livelihood Other Protection Religious Organization
Earth Heir X MADE51 - Connecting refugee artisans to global markets Corporate Livelihood
hr-integrate e.V. Education Livelihood NGO
Bike for Europe is part of the NowWeMOVE campaign Advocacy Civil Society
International Detention Coalition (IDC) - Human rights for detained refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Advocacy Legal services NPO Other Research
Community Refugee Sponsorship Initiative Advocacy Humanitarian Assistance NPO Other Protection Resettlement
Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation, Malmö, Sweden Health Humanitarian Assistance NGO Other
Asylum Access Ecuador (AAE) Advocacy Education Legal services NGO Other
Asylum Access Thailand (AAT) Education Legal services NGO Other
World Relief Atlanta empowers the local Church to serve the most vulnerable. Advocacy Legal services Livelihood NPO Other Resettlement
International Volunteer HQ - Refugee Support Volunteer Abroad Projects, Naples, Italy Advocacy Education Humanitarian Assistance Livelihood NPO Other Volunteering
GlobalGiving - Venezuelan Refugee Fund Crowdfunding Education Fundraising NPO Other
SB OverSeas: a Belgian grassroots non-profit organisation running three centres for refugees in Lebanon. Education NGO Other
Catholic Charities helps refugee families start over Refugee services: ‘We help them through their journey' Advocacy Community-based Services NPO Other Protection
Sherborne Area Refugee Support Advocacy Education NGO
WUSC Welcomes 40th Cohort through its Student Refugee Program Advocacy Education Educational Institution
LERNMOBIL Viernheim e. V. - Educational and social education work Education NPO Other
Hope for the Young - Helping Young Refugees into Education Education NPO
PROTECTING HUMAN RIGHTS - Protecting people and planet Advocacy Environment Livelihood NPO Other
Hasan Huseyin Deveci - Art project with refugees Advocacy Health Individual Other
2nd Australia and New Zealand Refugee Trauma Recovery in Resettlement Conference, 27-29 March 2019 Brisbane Queensland Australia Advocacy Health NPO Other Resettlement
GATHERING HUMANITY - Building Communities and Helping Refugees Become Self-Sufficient. Community-based Services CSO Livelihood Other Resettlement
Bristol, United Kingdom stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Queanbeyan, Australia stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Leicester, UK stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Madison, WI, USA stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
The European Association for Information on Local Development (AEIDL) - Promoting Citizen’s Initiatives for Migrants, Refugees and Asylum-Seekers Communication Education Evaluation and Advice Network Management NPO Other
Greater Dandenong, Australia stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Sauverny, France stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Projects for Young People Affected by the Global Refugee Crisis Discussed during Olympic Refuge Foundation Board Meeting (Turkey) Advocacy Other Sport Institution
Desamparados, Costa Rica stands #WithRefugeees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Climate Migrants and Refugees Project Advocacy Community-based Services NPO Other Resettlement
Migrante y sus Familias León - Cualquier persona debería sentirse "BIENVENIDO" en cualquier parte del mundo Advocacy NPO Other
Agrishelter is a social startup that aims to create sustainable alternatives to the existing solutions for temporary settlements. Corporate Shelter
Conversations Unbound - Fostering Cross-Cultural bonds of Solidarity Education NPO
Integr8 - Harnessing the potential of migrant women as integration experts CSO Education
Naintre, France stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Colourful booths enliven Hayarden school for children of refugees in Tel Aviv Advocacy Educational Institution Livelihood Other
Konya, Turkey stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Refugee History. Advocacy History NPO
The Linking Communities Project (TLC) - Creating Welcome for Refugees Advocacy Education Networking NPO Other
Wakefield District City of Sanctuary - Promoting and encouraging the inclusion of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Wakefield District. Advocacy Community-based Services CSO Other Protection
Agencia Adventista de Desarrollo y Recursos Asistenciales (ADRA) Argentina brindando servicios sociales y apoyo a refugiados y solicitantes de asilo en situación de vulnerabilidad extrema. Advocacy Community-based Services NPO Social Services
SHARE THE JOURNEY BY LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR Advocacy Other Religious Organization Social Inclusion
Utah Refugee Services - Energize, educate and empower refugees to achieve their dreams through quality services offered in a collaborative resource-rich environment. Advocacy Government Integration Livelihood Other Social Inclusion
Bosco Teaching Residency Education NGO
Mobilising Christians to partner with churches to share the gospel with migrants and refugees across the UK, Europe & Middle East. Advocacy NPO Other Social Inclusion
Dudelange, Luxembourg stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Marinka, Donetsk region, Ukraine stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Blumont - World Refugee Day: Building Engagement in Displacement Advocacy Environment Livelihood NPO Other
Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) Advocacy CSO Education Livelihood Other
Ngaoui, Adamawa Region, Cameroon stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
25 Million Stitches Sewing Circle AUGUST 17, 2019 - 2 PM - 5 PM Advocacy NPO Other
Un Mundo Sin Mordaza - Una ONG defensora de los derechos humanos que promueve el arte como método de expresión Advocacy Human Rights NGO Other
San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Proyecto Migración Venezuela - La otra cara de la migración | Un proyecto periodístico de Revista Semana y Semana Rural. Advocacy Communication Corporate Media Other
Maicao, La Guajira, Colombia stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Hundreds of locals defy government by bringing clothes and home-cooked meals to Rohingya refugees Food Individual
Greek soccer hero helps refugees win battle against boredom Eduaction Individual
Daughter of Second World War refugees opens her London home to asylum-seekers Individual NGO Shelter
42 year old Syrian refugee helps hundreds of families access clothes, food and medicine Food Individual Shelter
Retired history teacher spends his free time helping refugees in Utah Individual Shelter
Refugees help refugees with new Wisconsin scholarship Civil Society Education Individual
These Refugees Created their Own Aid Agency Within Their Resettlement Camp CSO Livelihood
Taekwondo federation takes sport to Kiziba refugee camp NGO Other
World Refugee Day Celebration Advocacy CSO FBO
Portland World Cup Soccer Advocacy Community
Local groups offer employers support to hire Syrian refugees Community Livelihood
Eau Claire Native Biking Across US To Raise Awareness For Syrian Refugees Advocacy Individual
Refugees in Colorado Springs gather to celebrate safety, work and freedom Community Other
L'association Réfugiés Bienvenue oeuvre pour une amélioration du quotidien des demandeurs d’asile en Île-de-France. Education French-FR NGO Shelter
Refugee Football Festival Community Other
Les Cuistots Migrateurs proposent une cuisine du monde mitonnée par des réfugiés Corporate French-FR Livelihood
Communication campaign an asylum Advocacy Community CSO NGO
Launching of the province's Round Table for Victims in Imbabura and forum on the Brasil Plan of Action Advocacy CSO NGO Other
Refugees in Mexico: From humanitarian assistance to local integration Advocacy Government Livelihood NGO
Presentation of Participative Diagnostic of refugees and asylum seekers in Honduras Advocacy CSO NGO
We Speak Translate: What does a Google App have to do with Immigrant Settlement? Advocacy Community CSO NGO Other
Entrepreneur fair for refugee start-ups NGO
Explorateurs di Massimo Lovisco Advocacy Community Italian-IT
This American citizen volunteers as a mentor for refugee families Education Individual Livelihood NGO
Carry The Future supports refugee mother NGO Other
For refugees coming to Southern California, this Welcome Guidebook is a link to a new life Community Corporate CSO Other
Award puts Malian refugee on road to university in Mauritania Education Educational Institution
Refugee Food Festival; when restaurants open their kitchens to refugee chefs Livelihood NGO
The telemedicine company are providing their platform for refugees to use for free through a project called HealthPath Corporate Healthcare
Reading Refugees Support Group offering legal advice and practical support to refugees and asylum seekers Community Livelihood NGO Other Shelter
UN Women promotes trained women and girls to address root causes of violence in Cameroon NGO Other Shelter
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University admitted Syrian refugees to graduate school Education Educational Institution Government
The Consejo General de la Abogacía Espanola provides information, resources, guidance and training materials for legal practitioners Advocacy Civil Society Education
The Base Project - Empowering local communities Community Education Livelihood NGO Other
A new campaign by the Scottish Refugee Council is helping “new Scots” feel at home NGO Other
Temporary Relocation Programme for Syrian Migrants Education Livelihood Other Shelter
Braking Barriers - Integrating refugees through employment Corporate Livelihood NGO Other
Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers & Migrants - Letters of Love Advocacy Education Health Livelihood NGO Other Shelter
iACT - Refugee-led Solutions Education Health Livelihood NGO Other
The quickest and most efficient way to learn a language is by practicing regularly with native speakers. Livelihood NPO
University College Cork has been designated University of Sanctuary status Education
La Unión Europea concede a EDUVIC · INSPIRA SPORT el Programa Move In Involved Sport para la prevención de la radicalización a través del deporte. COMPARTIMOS UN ANHELO COMÚN: EDUCAR Y SOCIALIZAR A TRAVÉS DEL DEPORTE EN TODO EL MUNDO. Advocacy Education
Lebanon's coding schools help youth make it big on web Education NPO
Refugee and Migrant Women's Initiative (RAMWI) Advocacy Civil Society Education Health Livelihood NGO
Lemon Tree Trust (LTT) Livelihood NPO Other
Les comités d’accueil de Saint-Ubalde et de Pont-Rouge Civil Society Education Livelihood Shelter
Sheffield City of Sanctuary Advocacy NGO
Inter-Cultural Association of Great Victoria Advocacy Education Livelihood NPO Other
Startup Weekend Refugee Corporate Livelihood NGO Other
Teacher Professional Development in Refugee Contexts Education University
Train of Hope - Because they are human. Let us share help, compassion & hope. Together. For each other. Advocacy Civil Society Livelihood Other
Open Cultural Center - Culture Without Borders, Polykastro, Greece Education NPO Other
Refugee Hosts - Local community experiences of displacement from Syria: Views from Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey Advocacy Policy Development Research
Volunteer Refugee Project in Italy Volunteering
Christian Aid Ireland - Refugee crisis church resources Your church can make a real difference to people affected by the refugee crisis. Advocacy Humanitarian Assistance Religious Organization
Take part in the Online Art Auction organized by BizGees and help to transform refugees into entrepreneurs! Corporate Fundraising
War Child works to protect children and their families in conflict zones Advocacy Education Livelihood NGO Other
Spark a Greater Change for Families in Northern Iraq Advocacy Education NPO
FoodBlessed - Serving the hungry. Salvaging food. Saving lives. Livelihood NPO Other
Letters of Love, 23 April 2018 NGO
In January 2018, MIT ReACT Hub launched its first program in Jordan with a certificate in Computer and Data Science. Education Educational Institution
Humanitarian Mission Proliska Advocacy Humanitarian Assistance NGO Other
“Long Day of Flight” – Austria, 28 September 2018 Advocacy
Student Refugees assisting refugees to access higher education CSO Education
Refugees in Science - The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research Advocacy Government Other Research Funding
At these camps, refugees can give real-time customer feedback - American Refugee Committee (ARC) Advocacy Livelihood NGO Other
#ShareJourney: Une semaine pleine de rencontres du 17 au 24 juin, Liège, Belgique Advocacy Other
"This was not about politics. The minute that they got the job, that's the minutes they stopped being refugees." –Hamdi Ulukaya Advocacy Corporate Livelihood Other
Dancing to Connect for Refugee Integration, New York Livelihood NGO Other
Brasov Multicultural Day Advocacy Education NGO
Phosphoros Theatre - Bringing the unseen to light Advocacy Corporate Other
World Refugee Day - UNHCR, Kyiv, Ukraine, 20.06.2018 Livelihood NGO Other
2018 World Refugee Day - Sports and singing competition, African Dance and Film Screening for Refugees and Tunisian families, 23 June 2:00pm – 7:00pm Advocacy
TILLTALANDE IKEA and Jordan River Foundation - IKEA's Newest Collection Is Created By Refugee Artisans Advocacy Corporate Livelihood NGO
Mohawk Valley Resource Center For Refugees Advocacy CSO Education Health Livelihood Other
Refugee Services of Texas, Amarillo, TX Advocacy Livelihood NPO Other Resettlement
Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) 2018-2019 in response to the Syria crisis Advocacy Humanitarian Assistance NPO Protection
The Hopes Project for Syrian Refugee Students and Youth of Host Communities, Erbil, Iraq Advocacy Education Government
International Detention Coalition (IDC) - Human rights for detained refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants, Mexico City, Mexico Advocacy Legal services NPO Other Research
Re:new Project (Re:new) exists to transform and invest in the lives of refugee women living in the USA. Advocacy Faith-based NPO Other Religious Organization
Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation, Manchester, United Kingdom Health Humanitarian Assistance NGO Other
Carty House - A communal first home for refugee women in Canada Advocacy Education Livelihood NPO Other Shelter
STAR - Student Action for Refugees Advocacy Education Livelihood NPO Other Volunteering
Pan American Development Foundation (PADF, Honduras) - Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans have fled their country. In overcrowded border towns, they need urgent support. Advocacy Humanitarian Assistance NPO Other
ILO, UNHCR strenghten partnership to promote employment for refugees in Jordanian host communities in Jordan Advocacy Education International Organization Livelihood Other
Desmos - A Nonprofit Foundation - Inspiring Giving: Helping Advocacy Health Humanitarian Assistance Humanitarian Relief NGO Other
Zena Chaudhry - Woman placing Muslim women refugees into safe homes Advocacy Faith-based Livelihood Shelter
20 Global Companies Announce New Commitments to Help Address the Refugee Crisis Advocacy Livelihood NPO Other
Medici per i Diritti Umani – MEDU (Doctors for Human Rights – Italy) Health NPO Other
START.QUARTIER - Association for the accommodation, care, and integration of particularly needy people with a refugee background Community-based Services CSO Other
Connected Learning Consortium Advocacy Education NPO Other
USA for UNHCR envisions a world without refugees. Advocacy Cash Assistance Education Emergency Relief Livelihood NPO Other Resettlement
Délégation interministérielle à l'accueil et à l'intégration des réfugiés (Diair) Advocacy Education Government Legal Aid Livelihood Other Resettlement
RMK - Refugee and Migrant Ministries Karlsruhe Education Faith-based Other
Refugee Community Kitchen - Feeding people without judgement and supporting the supporters with food. Livelihood NPO Other
Indego Africa - Helping Transform the Lives of Women, Youth, and Refugees across Africa, Kigali, Rwanda Advocacy Livelihood NPO Other
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
South Orange, NJ, USA stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Sydney, Australia stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Montevideo, Uruguay stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Migrants & Refugees Section - Supporting the Church – Locally, Regionally, Internationally – Accompanying People at All Stages of Migration Advocacy Community-based Services Other Religious Organization
Nicosia, Cyprus stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
The Linking Communities Project: Building Welcome for Refugees Advocacy Education NPO Other Research
Projects for Young People Affected by the Global Refugee Crisis Discussed during Olympic Refuge Foundation Board Meeting (Kenya) Advocacy Other Sport Institution
Social Integration of Refugees through Education and Self Employment Education Livelihood NPO Other
Integreat The mobile guide for newcomers. Multilingual. Offline. Open Source. NPO Other Technology
Niederanven, Luxembourg stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
House of Refuge - RPD and refugees give away gifts on Christmas Advocacy Community-based Services Faith-based Livelihood NPO Other Shelter
SALAM - Soutenons, Aidons, Luttons, Agissons pour les Migrants et les Pays en Difficulté Advocacy Community-based Services Education Legal Aid Livelihood NPO Other
Minclusion - Support for language Learning and Intercultural Communication for Newly-Arrived Migrants Education Educational Institution Other Technology
Thaki Nederland - Help us give refugee and vulnerable children their future through education Education NPO
Quiet ‘Hero’ Marks 30 Years Restoring Limbs, and Dignity, in War Advocacy Health Humanitarian Relief Individual NGO Other
Child 10 - Shares the stories of, gathers and recognizes exceptional individuals from around the world for their brave struggle to protect and prevent child abuse, exploitation and violations Advocacy Child Protection Other
Refugee Resource Centre for Churches (R2C2) Advocacy NPO Other Protection
Bursa, Turkey stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Our Saviour’s Community Services - Providing housing for single adults and English language classes to immigrants and refugees Advocacy Community-based Services Education NPO Other Shelter
Sophia Refugee Support Group Advocacy NPO Other Protection
El Día Después - Un llamado a la reflexión y a la construcción de una sociedad más empática y consciente de su entorno Advocacy CSO Other
I CAN South Sudan - Engaging unaccompanied refugee children in social and musical activities. Advocacy Child Protection Community-Based Organization (CBO) Education Other Social Inclusion
Nulle part, en France - Documentaire de Yolande Moreau Advocacy Individual Other
Miteinander - TOGETHER FOR APPRECIATION, RESPECT AND TOLERANCE! Integration NGO Other Social Inclusion
Refoodee | ADCN Refugee Challenge - Empowering refugees through the hospitality industry. Advocacy Livelihood NPO Other
Durham, NC, USA stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Sumgayit, Azerbaijan stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Third Culture Minds - Advancing the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Ethnic Youth Health NPO Other
Mediterranea Saving Humans Advocacy Emergency Rescue Other
Port Moody, BC, Canada stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Stichting Emergency Refugee Nijmegen (SNOV) Advocacy NPO Other Protection Shelter
ALARMPHONE Hotline for Refugees in Distress at Sea. No rescue, but Alarm. Creating a Mediterranean space of mutual solidarity, with open borders for all people. Advocacy Emergency Rescue Human Rights NPO
Santa Ana, Pampanga, Philippines stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Mechelen, Belgium stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Thai celebrities join campaign to support Burmese refugees Advocacy NGO
A gay couple counters negative stereotypes by taking in 24 refugees Individual Shelter
Ikea designed an ultra-durable shelter for refugees that goes up in under four hours Corporate Shelter
Lebanese volunteer runs women’s resource centres for Syrian refugees in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley Education Individual
FiSahara, a film festival hosted in a camp for Western Saharan refugees brings attention to a forgotten crisis Advocacy Culture NGO
Former Urguayan president hosts 100 Syrian refugee children at his vacation house Individual Shelter
USCCB/MRS World Refugee Day Event Advocacy english-US FBO
New app takes over your smartphone to simulate a 16-year-old refugee's life Advocacy NGO
World Refugee Day 2017 Celebration Advocacy CSO
Rhode Island World Refugee Day Advocacy Community
Whoopi Goldberg Gives Syrian Refugee Family A Tour of NY Individual Other
Refugee youth, Archbishop Mitty teens find unity on the soccer field Advocacy Educational Institution
Foodhini Delivers Homemade Meals From Immigrant and Refugee Chefs To Your Doorstep Corporate Livelihood
GLOBAL NOMADS curates 17 European films that give a face to the refugee crisis and focus on the stories behind the numbers Advocacy NGO
IKEA Foundation launched a new campaign: Let’s Play for Change Corporate Livelihood
Le Carillon: Un réseau de commerçants solidaires qui proposent des petits services gratuits à tous ceux qui en ont besoin French-FR NGO Other
Photo Exhibition in Quito's historical center Advocacy Community
Cine forum #ConLosRefugiados Advocacy Community CSO Government NGO
Signing of collaboration agreement with Mexico City's Ministry of Labour Community Government Livelihood NGO Other
The Jamiya Project provides relevant and accessible higher education for Syrian refugees by reconnecting them with Syrian academics, European universities and the latest education technology Education Educational Institution NGO
Discover the story of a Canadian citizen who sponsored a Syrian family Education Individual Livelihood Other Shelter
International Film Festival "Looks at the Refugees" Advocacy Community CSO Education NGO
Syrian refugee selling pens ignites crowdfunding campaign Community Shelter
Carlos Andrés Gómez celebrates immigrants and refugees through poems Advocacy Individual
We Speak Translate project Corporate NGO Other
This English farm runs week-long retreats for refugees and asylum seekers Community Corporate Education Livelihood Other
Award-winning Japanese Architect, Shigeru Ban, signs deal to design new homes for thousands of refugees in Kenya Individual Shelter
Refugee Food Festival; when restaurants open their kitchens to refugee chefs Livelihood NGO
African refugees reinvigorating rural Mingoola in social experiment to boost ageing community Community Education Livelihood Shelter
The Museum of English Rural Life is hosting an exhibition "Reading Through the Eyes of Young Refugees" Advocacy Educational Institution
UN Women leads in mainstreaming gender in humanitarian assistance in Kenya NGO Other Shelter
University of the Ryūkyūs admitted Syrian refugees to graduate school Education Educational Institution Government
Exhibition "11 lives, 11 suitcases" Advocacy Civil Society Education
A global high school for refugees who want to change the world - Pilot Programme Education NGO
Syrian goalkeeper shares pro football skills with Nottinghamshire children CSO Educational Institution Other
A refugee and asylum seeker community in Hong Kong Advocacy CSO Education Livelihood NGO Other Shelter
Global Roots Play School CSO Education NGO Other
Sustainability for future Syrian generations - Syrian Economic Forum Advocacy Education Livelihood NGO
Refugee-made upcycled bag business thrives in Greece Individual Livelihood Shelter
WE ARE CHAYN Empowering women against violence & oppression Livelihood NPO
University of Limerick has been designated a University of Sanctuary in recognition of its initiatives welcoming asylum seekers and refugees into its university community. Education
RESQSHIP Civil sea rescue in the Mediterranean Education Health NGO
About 2,700 people ran and walked in New Haven yesterday to raise money and awareness for refugees. Education
Positive action for refugees: Elmbridge CAN Advocacy Civil Society Livelihood Shelter
Refugee Consortium of Kenya (RCK) - A world where refugees and other forced migrants enjoy their rights and live with dignity. Advocacy Communication Legal NGO Other Policy
Human Rights Law Initiative on Rohingya Refugee Human Rights Law Nonprofit Organization
Moving our region towards better living. Advocacy Corporate Livelihood Other
Cycling to Education Education Individual
Coming to America: The Story of Us Civil Society Education
Middle East Children's Institute Advocacy Education Health Other
Seafood Ltd - Seafood import business in Rwanda run by a refugee Advocacy Corporate Livelihood Other
Sauti (Voice) - A documentary about five refugee girls living in Uganda Corporate Film
Together Productions - Bring people from different backgrounds, faiths and cultures together through music. Collaboration through Art and Music Community Interest Company
Promising Practices in Refugee Education - Sourcing, documenting and promoting innovative practices in refugee education Education NPO (Joint Initiative)
PLAY TOGETHER Play saves lives. It helps us recover from trauma; cope with challenging situations; and gives us hope for a better tomorrow. Advocacy Corporate
Refugees Helping Refugees Advocacy Health Livelihood NPO Other
Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), Italy Advocacy Religious Organization
Refugees International - A powerful voice for lifesaving action Advocacy Policymaking Protection Solutions
EU Funds in the area of migration Local and Regional Governments’ perspective Advocacy Government
The Refugee Agency AMES organised an exhibition to give a voice to refugee artists Advocacy NGO
Love and Care for People - Empowering and Developing People (Ireland) Advocacy Education Livelihood NGO Other
#WithRefugees - Refugee Week Fundraising Dinner - Friday 22 June at the Geelong College, Dining Hall Advocacy CSO Education Humanitarian Assistance Livelihood Other
International Sport and Peace Day Event – Zaatari Camp, Jordan, 6 April 2018 Advocacy
J-PAL partners with the MIT Refugee Action Hub (ReACT) to bring the MITx MicroMasters program in data, economics, and development policy (DEDP) to refugee learners. Education Educational Institution
Music Concert and Refugee Film Screenings - Nouakchott, Mauritania, 18-22 June 2018 Advocacy
Refugee Care[e]Education in the Netherlands Education NPO
ART BRIDGES - Together Building Bridges of culture Civil Society Education Other Social Inclusion and Integration
The share-a-suitcase campaign aims to collect unwanted suitcases from throughout the UK, fill them with much-needed items, and get them to the refugee camp in northern Greece Advocacy Corporate NGO
#ShareJourney: Une semaine pleine de rencontres du 17 au 24 juin, Anvers, Belgique Advocacy Other
International Institute of New England (IINE), Boston - Creating opportunities for refugees and immigrants to succeed through resettlement, education, career advancement and pathways to citizenship Education Humanitarian Relief Livelihood NPO Other
Rome, Conference to launch 2018 World Refugee Day at 11 AM Advocacy Education NPO Other
Archdiocese of Catania - #WithRefugees Advocacy Other Religious Organization
2018 World Refugee Day - Liwanag ng Marawi (Light of Marawi) Photo Exhibit, 19 June to 22 June 2018 Advocacy Corporate NGO
2018 World Refugee Day - Citizenship Day #Withrefugees, 23 June 4:00pm – 9:00pm Advocacy
2018 World Refugee Day - No Stranger Place photos show European solidarity in Paris, 13 June - 29 July 2018 Advocacy Corporate Other
Refugee Services of Texas, Austin, TX Advocacy Livelihood NPO Other Resettlement
Plan International - Child Protection Advocacy Child Protection Education Livelihood NPO Other
The Hopes Project for Syrian Refugee Students and Youth of Host Communities, Beirut, Lebanon Advocacy Education Government
International Detention Coalition (IDC) - Human rights for detained refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants, London, UK Legal services NPO Other Research
Integration Center for Refugee & Migrant Children "Kids are Kids" Advocacy Education NGO
Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Health Humanitarian Assistance NGO Other
Asylum Access - Making Human Rights a Reality for Refugees in Africa, Asia and Latin America Human Rights Legal services NGO Other Policymaking
Ride for Refuge Fundraising NPO Other
FORO POR LA VIDA - Coalición de Organizaciones de Derechos Humanos de Venezuela Advocacy Human Rights NPO Other
Pan American Development Foundation (PADF, Mexico City) - Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans have fled their country. In overcrowded border towns, they need urgent support. Advocacy Humanitarian Assistance NPO Other
Women for Women International - Believing strong women build strong nations Advocacy Education Livelihood NPO Other
After fleeing conflict in their own countries, a group of young Rotaractors is healing wounds and bringing cultures together in a Ugandan refugee settlement Advocacy Education Health Livelihood NPO Other
I AM YOU - Humanity in Displacement - Protecting Individual Rights Advocacy Education Health NGO Other
New drop in career advice and job brokerage for refugees in Lambeth at Holy Spirit Church, Clapham Common! Advocacy Livelihood Other Religious Organization
Heroes For Change Org Advocacy Education NGO Other
the Connection - Integration through new networks! Community-based Services CSO Education Networking Other
Justice and Peace - Today, Justice and Peace's projects focus on two main issues – the protection and integration of refugees and the protection and security of human rights defenders. Advocacy Education Livelihood Networking NPO Other
Welcome to Refugee Phrasebook Education NPO Translation
Lifting Hands International - Providing Humanitarian Aid to Refugees, both at Home and Abroad. Advocacy Education Humanitarian Assistance Livelihood NPO Other
REFUGEE the film - At the IFC Center on 11 and 12 Nov. 2018 Advocacy Media NPO Other
Invia il tuo sostegno a chi salva le vite in mare. Send your support to those who save lives at sea Advocacy CSO Other
Indego Africa - Helping Transform the Lives of Women, Youth, and Refugees across Africa, Kumasi, Ghana Advocacy Livelihood NPO Other
Berbera, Somalia/Somaliland stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Milan, Italy stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Wiltz, Luxembourg stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Brussels, Belgium stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Lo Que Nos Une (What Unites Us) - Together We Can Overcome Violence And Discrimination Advocacy Humanitarian Assistance NPO Other
Albury City, Australia stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Council of Europe - European Qualifications Passport for Refugees Advocacy Education Other Political Organization
Tbilisi, Georgia stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Riders for Refugees, Calais CSO Humanitarian Assistance Other
Shifra helps non-English speakers find sexual and reproductive health information and services in Australia. Shifra is committed to improving this access for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Advocacy Health NPO Other Technology
L’atelier des artistes en exil Advocacy Education Health Livelihood NPO Other
Welcoming America - Building a Nation of Neighbors Advocacy Community-based Services Livelihood NPO Other
Utopia 56 basée à Lorient organise du bénévolat humanitaire auprès des réfugiés, à Calais, Grande-Synthe et Paris French-FR NGO Other
ARRIVE - A companion for your first weeks in Germany Education Educational Institution Other Technology
The Gazi Research Project - A unique platform substantiating academic research with practical conclusions to promote high impact social change for the refugee communities. Corporate Other Policymaking Research
Reza Visual Academy/Les Ateliers Reza - Exile Voices Advocacy Individual NPO Other
Al Otro Lado - Cross-Border Legal Services for deportees refugees and families separated by deportation in Los Angeles and Tijuana Human Rights Legal services NPO Other
U-RLP Utrecht Refugee Launch Pad - Integration of migrants and refugees Advocacy NPO Other
Kilis, Turkey stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Des coloc' solidaires pour étudiants, jeunes actifs et réfugiés Advocacy CSO NPO Other Shelter
Brighton & Hove CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) - The Sanctuary Project CSO Health Other
This Colombian woman shelters 150 Venezuelans every day Humanitarian Assistance Individual
Welcome to The Treehouse Theatre - Giving “The Refugee Experience” a genuine and empathic face. Advocacy CSO Other
Rohingya Refugee Network - Protecting the entire Rohingya refugee population from the ongoing genocide in Myanmar with trustworthy supports. Advocacy Human Rights Networking NPO Other Protection
StopPauvreté - Donner un visage aux réfugiés #GivingAFace Advocacy NPO Other
Valle del Guamuez, Colombia stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Gruppo Emergency Valle d'Aosta Advocacy Emergency Rescue NPO Other
Ganja, Azerbaijan stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Richmond, VA, USA stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Journée mondiale des réfugiés, le monde du sport solidaire Advocacy NPO Other
Leuven, Belgium stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Emma’s Torch - Empowering refugees through culinary training. Advocacy Education Integration NPO Other Social Inclusion
Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Prince Albert, SK, Canada stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Helping Newcomers Work - Support for Canadians helping refugees find the best work possible Advocacy Livelihood NPO Other
Suffolk Refugee Support - Helping refugees and asylum seekers in Suffolk, including free advice sessions and English classes. Advocacy NPO Other Protection
METAdrasi – ACTION FOR MIGRATION AND DEVELOPMENT Advocacy Human Rights Integration NPO Other
Summerland, British Columbia, Canada stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
We Hire Refugees - A platform for businesses to welcome, show their support, and declare their willingness to hire refugees. Advocacy Corporate Livelihood Other
Karachi, Pakistan stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
The Tanzania Red Cross society uses music and dance to improve health in a Tanzania refugee camp NGO Other
Cristiano Ronaldo meets Syrian boy tripped up by Hungarian camerawoman Individual
Flourish Foundation provides art therapy to Syrian refugees NGO Other
An individual offers prayer mats to newly settled refugees to welcome them and their faith Individual Shelter
Tech wiz turns app into bot for Facebook to help refugees with legal aid. Individual Shelter
A Mexican priest stands up for the migrants at risk from extortion and violence Individual Shelter
World Refugee Day - Celebration Rally Advocacy CSO english-US
Project Hope was created to help refugee children with their language and coding skills Education NGO
World Refugee Day Concert with Thao (of the Get Down Stay Down) Advocacy Individual
Former refugee creates $10,000 scholarship for refugees and immigrants Eduaction Individual
Displaced Dinners: a series of dinners hosted by chefs who are now refugees in the United States Corporate Livelihood
English class for non-native speakers teaches refugees about more than language Education Educational Institution
A woman wanted to do something to show support for refugees: she started the Roanoke Refugee Partnership NGO Other
Medicina e Migrazioni Advocacy Community Italian-IT
Positive Action enables you to help refugees rebuild their lives after a crisis situation NGO Shelter
L’Université de Lille a mobilisé ses équipes pédagogiques et ses étudiants afin d’ouvrir un programme pour 80 étudiants réfugiés Education Educational Institution
Event at the National Assembly: Exhibition Launch Advocacy Community Government NGO
Entrepreneurship Fair #ConLosRefugiados Advocacy Community Corporate Livelihood NGO
Round table on best practices for integration of refugees in Mexico City CSO Livelihood NGO Other
Business School Beams Real-Time Lectures into Isolated Refugee Camp Education Educational Institution
Chris Cornell donated a proceeds of his single “The Promise” to The International Rescue Committee Individual Other
International Film Festival "Looks at the Refugees" Civil Society Educational Institution Government NGO
American woman moves to Lebanon and opens a school for refugee children Education NGO
10 Children's Books About Immigration & Refugees That Teach The Importance Of Cultural Diversity Advocacy Corporate
Rania Kinge created a line serving IDPs to help them recover and empower them economically Corporate Livelihood
La 72' provides a safe place to leave and legal assistance for refugees. It also supports LGBT refugees Community Faith Based Organization Shelter
Innovation transforms education for refugee students in Africa Community Education Individual NGO
Bread & Roses helps refugee women to flourish through employment Corporate Livelihood
University of the People Scholarships for Refugees Education Educational Institution
Poetry for Pikpa refugee camp - Waterstones Birmingham Advocacy Community
UN Women sets up Women Cohesion Spaces with specialized services for women refugees in Niger Healthcare NGO Shelter
Dortmund University support refugee students Education Educational Institution
'Lampedusa: Concerts for Refugees Tour' - Artists Raise Money For Refugees Advocacy CSO NGO
Start with a Friend wants to support refugees arriving in Germany by bringing them together with locals NGO Other
Khalsa Aid responds to plight of Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh Health NGO Other
"Established" Palestinian refugees in the Baddawi refugee camp offer shelter to Syrian refugees in need Food Individual Shelter
The School of Opportunity Education Faith-based NGO
Connecting community centers using WiFi from ZAIN Company Education NGO Other
MEZZE - A Syrian restaurant in Lisbon Livelihood NGO Other
Every Child Learning - A common effort for education Advocacy Corporate Education NGO
Saudi German Hospital provides treatment services for Rohingya refugees CSO Health Individuals
Creating economic opportunity, spreading positive stories, keeping skills alive Corporate Livelihood
Microsoft and HP: Bridging the digital divide for refugees in Malawi Corporate Education Livelihood Other (internship program)
RESQSHIP Civil sea rescue in the Mediterranean Education Health NGO
West London Welcome ‏is west London’s first DropIn Centre for refugees & migrants which welcomes everyone Education Livelihood
Kuchinate (crochet in Tigrinya), African Refugee Women's Collective, Tel Aviv, Israel. Livelihood NGO
ARTOLUTION - Transforming Lives Through Public Art Advocacy Civil Society Community Other
Bangladesh – Rohingya Crisis: REACH – Informing more effective humanitarian action Information tool development Joint Initiative UN/NGO
Unleash the power of tenacity Students, faculty, advisors—we’re working toward the same goals. Corporate Education
ActivRANDOM Education NGO
Families in Miltown Malbay host 80 people living in Direct Provision in special visit Civil Society Livelihood
Friends of Europe Advocacy Other
Walk A Campus In My Shoes Advocacy Individual
Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities Education Health Livelihood NPO Other
Xavier's Project runs education, finance and media initiatives to allow refugees in Kenya and Uganda to regain control of their lives. Education Livelihood NGO Other
Wintergreat - Accelerating People Education Livelihood NGO
Kopin - Empowering Communities - Sustainable Development in Ethiopia, Education in Malta, Refugee Support, Networking and Advocacy Global Education Human Rights and Migration International Development Cooperation NPO
Refugees Welcome - Why shouldn’t refugees be able to live in flatshares or houses instead of camps? We thought so too and found a way to make it happen. Advocacy Shelter
InterAid Uganda - Transforming Communities Human Rights NGO Protection
A Syrian Refugee Designs Smart Life Jacket Education Individual
Mobile Refugee Support (MRS) for refugees stranded in foreign countries Communication Mobile Aid NPO Other
Working Together for Local Integration of Migrants and Refugees Economic and Public Policy International Organization Policymaking
Inflatable Refugee floating on Yarra River to raise awareness about the global refugee crisis Advocacy Individual
Love and Care for People - Empowering and Developing People (Republic of Congo) Advocacy Education Livelihood NGO Other
Act for Peace - Confronting Injustice Together Advocacy CSO Education Humanitarian Assistance Livelihood Other
Albergue Migrantes Toribio Romo A.C. Civil Society Shelter
Refugees and Migration are Focus of Two LISD Events Advocacy Research
Sabine Choucair - Clown Me In Advocacy
FARENET tournament - Torino, Italy, 13 May 2018 Advocacy
My Intention Was Not To Leave Advocacy Media NPO
Balon Mundial - la Coppa delle Comunità Migranti di Torino Education Livelihood NGO Other
AHA - Action Humanitaire Africaine Advocacy Education Health Livelihood NGO Other Protection
#ShareJourney: Une semaine pleine de rencontres du 17 au 24 juin, Scherpenheuvel, Belgique Advocacy Other
International Institute of New England (IINE), Lowell - Creating opportunities for refugees and immigrants to succeed through resettlement, education, career advancement and pathways to citizenship Education Humanitarian Relief Livelihood NPO Other
Musicians Without Borders - Music creates empathy, builds connection and gives hope Advocacy Education NPO Other
Empower Youth Trust Education NGO
World Refugee Day - UNHCR and WeWork in celebrating refugee arts, June 21 2018, 6:30PM - 9:00PM Advocacy NPO Other
1001 Letters For Mosul Advocacy Health Individual Shelter
2018 World Refugee Day - Peindre pour la Paix” Mural Painting, Clown Therapy and Games for Refugee and Tunisian Children, 20 June 10:00am – 1:00pm Advocacy
Asylcafé Mannheim - Counseling Center for Refugees Education Livelihood NGO Other
Centro de Derechos Humanos - Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) Advocacy Educational Institution Human Rights Legal Other Research
Refugee Services of Texas, Fort Worth, TX Advocacy Livelihood NPO Other Resettlement
International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) - Restoring Dignity, Inspiring Change Advocacy Other Protection Resettlement
CJD Nord Produktionsschule Plus Education Livelihood NGO
The Hopes Project for Syrian Refugee Students and Youth of Host Communities, Cairo, Egypt Advocacy Education Government
International Detention Coalition (IDC) - Human rights for detained refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants, Geneva, Switzerland Legal services NPO Other Research
Refugeeswork by Adecco – Empowering access to the job market Civil Society Other
Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation, Maseru, Lesotho Health Humanitarian Assistance NGO Other
Same Skies - Innovative refugee protection that genuinely empowers, Switzerland Advocacy Education Livelihood NPO Other
Humanity First - Serving Mankind, Humanity First focuses to preserve and safeguard human life and dignity Education Health Humanitarian Assistance Livelihood NGO Other Shelter
Medical Teams International, Portland, OR, USA Health NPO Other
Qatar-based organization Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) - Sherborne School Qatar collect clothing for Syrian Refugees Advocacy Education NPO Other
September 13, 2018 at the Perimeter Institute for What We Can Do: An Evening in Support of Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre. Advocacy Health NPO Other
GirlForward - Opportunity For Refugee Girls Advocacy Education Health Livelihood NGO Other
Relief to Development Society (REDESO) Advocacy Humanitarian Relief Other
​Network for Refugee Voices (NRV) Advocacy NPO Other
Comité Permanente por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos, CDH Advocacy Education Human Rights NGO Other
The START Foundation gGmbH Education NPO
Anera (American Near East Refugee Aid) Health Livelihood NGO
Love-Europe App - The App for integrating refugees sucessfully and for helping refugees find what they need most. Integration NPO Technology
Lifting Hands International - Providing Humanitarian Aid to Refugees, both at Home and Abroad, Al-Mafraq Area of Northern Jordan Advocacy Education Humanitarian Assistance Livelihood NPO Other
Ripple Effect Images - Creating Compelling Photographs, Film, and Stories of Programs that Help Women and Girls. Advocacy Education Health Livelihood NPO Other
Dadaab Book Fair in the Dadaab refugee camps Advocacy NPO Other
SIAMO coop - A social and cooperative project that was born from the meeting between young Italians and foreigners and residents of Roma. Advocacy Community-based Services NPO Other
Hargeisa, Somalia/Somaliland stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Toronto, Canada stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Livelihoods Initiative for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Tunisia (LIRAS), Tunis, Tunisia Advocacy Education Health Livelihood NPO Other
Paterson, NJ, USA stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Open Art Foundation - We Are Not Princesses Advocacy NPO Other
Lane Cove, Australia stands #WithRefugees Cities #WithRefugees
Symi, Greece stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
KC For Refugees - Community Support for Refugees in Kansas City Advocacy Community-based Services NPO Other Resettlement
Riders for Refugees, northern Italy CSO Humanitarian Assistance Other
Guarulhos / Sao Paulo, Brazil stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Fred och Social Utveckling Organisation (Peace and Social Development) Corporate Education Health Livelihood NGO Other Shelter
Vigan City, Philippines stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees (AVID) Advocacy NPO Other
BAAM - Bureau d’Accueil et d’Accompagnement des Migrants Advocacy Community-based Services Education Legal Aid Livelihood NPO Other
Welcomm - Communication Skills for the Integration of Migrants Education Educational Institution
Pets for Refugees Inc. - Everyone deserves a home filled with love. Advocacy Education NPO Other
The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants Advocacy Human Rights Legal Aid NGO Other Protection
Al Otro Lado - Cross-Border Legal Services for deportees refugees and families separated by deportation in Los Angeles and Tijuana Human Rights Legal services NPO Other
Kabubu, c’est « l’amitié par le sport » en swahili, et une forme de lutte traditionnelle congolaise. Advocacy CSO Education Integration Livelihood Other Social Inclusion
Şanlıurfa, Turkey stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Asylum Seeker and Refugee Assistance program in Queensland Advocacy Government Livelihood Other Protection
Centre Primo Levi - Vivre après la torture - Care for victims of torture and political violence Advocacy NGO Other
FUTBOLISTAS 4 LIFE - A film about Oakland youth from undocumented families and the healing power of soccer. Advocacy Media NPO Other
Friends of Refugees asked refugees to tell them what object is the Key to their past. You can be the Key to their New Story! Advocacy Education Livelihood NPO Other
Comisión Mexicana de Ayuda a Refugiados (COMAR) Government Other Policymaking Protection
Madrid For Refugees - Empowering refugees in the madrileña community Advocacy Education Humanitarian Assistance Integration Livelihood NPO Other Shelter Social Inclusion
Human Library with Refugees, June 20th, 2019, 6:00pm - 8:30pm Advocacy Civil Society Education NGO
The Cyprus Refugee Council - Envisioning a fair and inclusive society that offers protection and support for all. Advocacy Human Rights NPO Other Protection
Garoua-Boulai, East Region, Cameroon stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
San Antonio, TX, USA stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Burma Task Force - Helping the Rohingya Muslims - United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Advocacy Human Rights NPO Other Protection
Espai Mescladis (‘mixed space’) Advocacy Integration NGO Other Social Inclusion
East Region, Cameroon stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
State of Cross Rivers, Nigeria stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Immigrant Writers Association Advocacy Integration NPO Other
Associazione Volontari per Il Servizio Internationale (AVSI) - AVSI’s project supporting Venezuelan refugees receives Brazilian Government’s recognition Advocacy Humanitarian Assistance NPO Other Shelter
MISSION LIFELINE Search and Rescue Advocacy Emergency Rescue NPO Other
Mons, Hainaut, Belgium stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Organización Ciider - Cooperación Internacional e Integración para el Desarrollo y el Esfuerzo Regional Advocacy Education Livelihood NGO Other
Drummondville, Canada stands #WithRefugees Advocacy Cities #WithRefugees
Heshima Kenya provides shelter, education and employment opportunities to empower female refugees Eduaction Livelihood NGO Shelter
Small German town comes together to give Syrian refugees a warm welcome Individual Shelter
Local people campaign to welcome refugees in Worcestershire Individual Shelter
U.S. Committee on Refugees and Immigration sets up an Amazon gift page for anyone who wishes to donate to newly settled refugees NGO Shelter
Syrian refugee language program brings residents and newcomers together Civil Society Education
Organization of priests in Guatemala supports refugees by seeking government reform of immigration law Faith Based Organization Shelter
Juneau People for Peace and Justice #Stand With Refugees Advocacy CSO english-US
Launceston City Council collaborates with other community organisations and government to assist refugees and new arrivals in settling in the community Community Other
UN Foundation Reception: A Swim to Support Refugees Advocacy Individual
Local refugee tells story of persecution to help students be more tolerant Advocacy Individual
One University of Oregon student group is inviting students to experience what life in a refugee tent is like Advocacy Education
About 40 refugees were invited by the United Way to the Odyssey Dental Care centre to get cleanings, fillings and extractions, all free of charge Healthcare NGO
First Pride Festival Pride for Immigrants in Harnosand, Sweden Advocacy NGO
Laboratorio UNHCR MAXXI Advocacy Community Italian-IT
An Irish Photographer’s Images of Refugee Camps Win the Prix Pictet Advocacy Individual
SOS Méditerranée organise des sauvetages en mer pour les hommes, femmes ou enfants se retrouvant en danger de mort lors de la traversée de la Méditerranée French-FR NGO Other
Entrepreneurship Fair Community Livelihood NGO
Family Day with Refugees Advocacy Community CSO Government NGO
World Refugee Day Fair Advocacy Community CSO Government
Photographer Jiro Ose travelled with UNICEF to Uganda to visit Bidi Bidi—the largest refugee camp in the world—and the fathers who've made the camp home with their children. Advocacy Individual NGO
#AskASyrianGirl, a web series, follows a group of young women forced to flee their country Advocacy Corporate Individual
Press Conference Global Trends 2016 Advocacy
Bristol teacher helps refugees develop the tools to express themselves Education Individual NGO
Letters of Hope - CARE helps you to send you support to refugees Advocacy Community Individual NGO Other
Celebration of World Refugee Day 2017 Advocacy Community Government NGO
In the camp of Kwergosk in Northern Syria, a French artist is painting refugee's homes Individual Other
Refugee women in Morocco learn about business from local women Community Livelihood NGO
Lisbon opened its first Syrian restaurant where all the cooking is done by refugees Community Corporate Livelihood
The social entreprise Chaigaram empowers refugees by giving them access to employement Corporate Livelihood
Dublin City University offers 10 scholarship to refugees Education Educational Institution
UN Women supports training women bricklayers and mechanics in Nigeria Education Livelihood NGO
The electronic rock band "Wednesday Call" is standing #WithRefugees Advocacy Individual
ASRC Cleaning - Support sustainable employment for people seeking asylum
A lifeline for forgotter refugees Education Livelihood NGO Other Shelter
World Relief Sacramento Advocacy Civil Society Shelter
Eight months after landing in Edmonton, refugee swimmer tells about his quest to make an athletic ‘dream come true.’ Individual Other
TREND - Training Refugees in Entrepreneurial Skills in Digital Devices Education Government Livelihood NGO
inHERE - Higher education supporting refugees in Europe Education Educational Institute University
E-learning Digital Schools Program Corporate Other
Canada government supports the most vulnerable Government Livelihood Other
refugees{code} coding school for integration Education Livelihood NPO Other
Trait d'Union est un media collaboratif et ouvert à tous réalisé par la communauté Singa Advocacy Civil Society
RESQSHIP Civil sea rescue in the Mediterranean Education Health NGO
London Welcome Project, a social centre for asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants Civil Society Livelihood
Maize garden in Mildura helps Burundian refugees connect to new home and each other Civil Society Livelihood
Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) UK - Opening doors towards hope... Advocacy Livelihood NPO Shelter
The Rohingya crisis: A view from Bangladesh Nonprofit Organization Peacebuilding