Lesson plans for ages 9-11 in Human Rights and Refugees: To Be a Refugee


In Chad as in many countries, refugee girls do not always attend school because they have to help out at home.   © UNHCR/G.Le Breton

LESSON 3: How Does It Feel? - Part 1


If the class is used to working in small groups, give each group one of the following scenarios and ask them to discuss among themselves how they would feel if they were:

  • a new student who has just joined their class in the middle of the school year
  • a child of their age who has been holidaying with his/her family in another country where the language is foreign, and the child has somehow been separated from the other family members
  • someone who has just heard the bad news that the breadwinner of the family no longer has a job

After a suitable time has elapsed, the students can reassemble as a class group, and are led by the teacher to share the fruits of their group discussions.