Lesson plans for ages 9-11 in Human Rights and Refugees: To Be a Refugee


A refugee family in Ruwaished, Jordan. UNHCR continues to search for a solution for the 97 Palestinians who fled Iraq and remain in a scorpion-infested desert camp. December 2006.  © UNHCR/P.Sands

LESSON 4: How Does It Feel? - Part 2


Pass out copies of the UNHCR Lego poster How Does It Feel? Allow the students a few minutes to take in the picture and to read the text.

Comprehension and discussion questions

Use these questions as the basis of a discussion:

  • Thinking about the three situations we discussed last lesson, what similar feelings might the lonely Lego person have?
  • What similarities and differences are there between the situation of the lonely Lego figure and the three cases we considered last lesson?
  • What do you think the people who designed this poster are trying to suggest through the way the Lego figures have been arranged?
  • Who do you think is the intended audience of this poster?
  • What attitudes towards refugees is UNHCR encouraging people to adopt in this poster?