World Refugee Day 2007 National Activities: Montenegro


Passengers flying out from Montenegro's two international airports on 20 June were given WRD boarding passes labelled, "Most people travel for pleasure. Refugees travel because they are forced to." Meanwhile, invitees to a UNHCR photo exhibition were sent celery roots with an attached label saying: "This plant has been uprooted, just like 21 million refugees around the globe."

The photo exhibition - "The world around me, what makes me happy, what makes me sad" - used a range of props to evoke images of refugees. UNHCR tents were erected, each carrying information about refugee crises around the world. The darkened exhibition hall was filled with pictures taken by refugee children and guests were given torches so that they could see the images and share the experience of refugees forced out of their homes. Guests were invited to try Montenegrin bread and water, symbolizing hospitality to guests and the poverty faced by refugee.