UNHCR-NGO Toolkit for Practical Cooperation on Resettlement: 2. Information Sharing, Planning and Advocacy: Field Examples

a) Global collaboration

  • Great Lakes Core Group

    UNHCR and relevant actors (such as Resettlement Countries and occasionally NGOS) have come together to form a “Core Group” or “Contact Group” to address needs of particular refugee situations. Each Core/Contact Group looks at resettlement as part of a larger protection and solutions strategy for that refugee situation. One such Core Group is the Great Lakes Core Group.

b) Local collaboration

  • Nairobi Resettlement Theme Group

    The resettlement theme group was formed by UNHCR and NGOs in Nairobi engaged in resettlement activities. The group meets on a regular basis to: discuss developments and trends in resettlement in Kenya, coordinate and implement activities and training for relevant partners, share information, and identify best practices and develop guidelines for resettlement related topics.