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This page of the resettlement website presents the most up-to-date data on UNHCR’s resettlement activities. The Resettlement Data Portal currently contains information from calendar year 2003 through the current year. The information presented shows the total number of refugees (persons) who were submitted for resettlement by UNHCR to States and who departed for resettlement during the reporting period.

Some data presented on this portal may differ from statistics published previously due to retroactive changes or the inclusion of previously unavailable data. In addition, resettlement submission and departure figures reported by UNHCR may not match resettlement statistics published by States as Government figures may include submissions received outside of UNHCR processes. UNHCR figures may also include cases in which UNHCR assisted, i.e. obtained exit permits for humanitarian admissions or family reunion but did not initially submit. For Government statistics on the arrival of resettled refugees, please consult the relevant Government immigration/asylum websites. More information about UNHCR’s resettlement programme can be found here.

Submissions and departures since 2013

A selected number of countries are shown below. Click on a country to see trends over time. By default the chart shows  global totals .

By country of origin
By country of asylum
By country of resettlement

The identification of resettlement needs is part of UNHCR’s ongoing assessments of protection gaps. Refugees are identified as in need of resettlement when they are at risk in their country of refuge or have particular needs or vulnerabilities. The chart below shows UNHCR submissions of cases based on resettlement categories in 2017. Please refer to UNHCR’s Resettlement Handbook for a description of categories.

Disclaimer: percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

All resettlement statistics for 2016 and 2017 are provisional and subject to change. UNHCR’s Resettlement Data Portal will be updated on the 5th of each month. If you have any questions, please email

Resettlement Data Finder (RDF)

An analysis and visualization tool that contains data on resettlement submissions and departures since 2003.

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