Monsoon rains batter Bangladesh Rohingya refugee settlements

Winds and first heavy rains pound fragile landscape sheltering some 700,000 refugees, triggering landslides that killed one refugee and injured others amid ongoing emergency response.

13 Jun 2018

Iftar meal brings spirit of Ramadan to refugees in Bangladesh

Farming family who host 71 Rohingya families on their land invite fasting Rohingya refugee neighbours for meal marking the holy month.

13 Jun 2018

French couple welcome LGBT activist from Mali

Armand and Christophe decided to welcome a refugee after seeing the shocking image of Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi who drowned off Turkey.

11 Jun 2018

Afghan couple are like second parents to French hosts' toddler

Anaïs and Vincent, with their baby son César, left Paris for a new life in the country. There, they found they had room to take in a refugee couple.

11 Jun 2018

Christian couple provide haven of calm for young Muslim

Annick and Hubert Verger say their lives have been enriched by the presence of their Sudanese guest.

11 Jun 2018

Ukrainian worker pedals out of war zone

Vasily Zubko wanted desperately to stay in his beloved steppe country, but when conflict reached his doorstep he set off on his bike.

6 Jun 2018

Returning residents breathe new life into Libyan ghost town

After abandoning their village during the 2011 civil conflict, 500 families have returned to Gwalish and set about rebuilding their homes and the local school.

6 Jun 2018

Congolese children forced into cheap labour as displacement crisis worsens

People fleeing violence in Tanganyika province are finding it hard to survive, and the burden is falling on children. Instead of going to school, many work to support their families.

5 Jun 2018

Refugee families team up to open restaurant in Belarus

A Syrian chef and a Georgian restaurant owner believe their new partnership has all the ingredients of success.

4 Jun 2018