Refugees in Austria yearn for loved ones left behind

UNHCR is campaigning for the reunification of refugee families to be made easier in Austria, where legal and technical obstacles can keep them apart.

3 Apr 2017

Canadian entrepreneur invests millions in Syrian refugees

Jim Estill explains why he is teaming up with community leaders to help resettle and employ refugees in Guelph, Ontario.

31 Mar 2017

Handmade dolls bring hidden tales of war-torn Syria to life

Beirut family works with refugees to share stories of ordinary Syrians caught up in conflict through dolls that carry their names.

29 Mar 2017

As gangs target relatives, a Central American family flees

Four members of the Perez family were murdered by street gangs in El Salvador. The 17 surviving relatives fled to Mexico.

27 Mar 2017

Geneva diners discover new flavours and cultures at pop-up restaurant

Project introduces residents to different culinary traditions of refugees as a way of launching cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.

22 Mar 2017

Syrian refugees face tough odds in quest for higher education

Despite the assistance of UNHCR's DAFI scholarship programme in Lebanon, Syrian refugees in higher education are the exception to the rule.

22 Mar 2017

Former Syrian TV chef whets appetite of Paris fashion fans

War drove chef Mohammad El Khaldy to flee to France, where his Middle Eastern dishes are finding favour with Parisian diners.

22 Mar 2017

In Iraqi camps, Syrians seek respite from hardship of exile

Worsening economic situation leads thousands of Syrian refugee families in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to seek refuge in oversubscribed camps.

15 Mar 2017

Innovation transforms education for refugee students in Africa

Tablet computers and mobile networks are bringing the latest in online education to students in refugee camps, and it's firing up their interest in learning.

14 Mar 2017