A family torn apart at sea

Rescuers plucked Yasin from the Malacca Strait, where he was clinging to planks for dear life. The young Rohingya refugee's sister and parents were not so lucky.

7 Dec 2016

Girl's burns recall nightmare flight to safety

After their infant daughter survived horrendous burns in Libya gas tank blast, refugee family starts over in Belgium.

6 Dec 2016

Living in limbo for months in a divided town

Amid the shelling and cold in eastern Ukraine, even visiting a relative can take all day.

5 Dec 2016

Salvadoran transgender activist takes stand against violence

Despite being driven from her home by threats, activist speaks out against violence targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

2 Dec 2016

Refugee families find a ray of hope at Greek hotel

Greek businessman Andreas Vasileiou has found space in his hotel and his heart for families seeking refuge from war at home.

2 Dec 2016

Young, abandoned and on the run

Deserted by their parents and fleeing El Salvador's murderous street gangs, three young brothers navigate the asylum process in Mexico with UNHCR support.

2 Dec 2016

Ukrainian couple living with HIV beat the odds to build stable family life

Forced to flee their home in Luhansk, Gesha and Anna Gvozd have overcome health worries and created a happy environment for their three sons in Kiev.

30 Nov 2016

When gang violence strikes at home, Honduran moms flee

Raped, beaten and abused by their gang member partners, Honduran women find safety in Mexico, where a legal change recognizes gender violence as grounds for asylum.

24 Nov 2016

A teacher from Syria empowers young refugees in Malaysia

As a Palestinian in Damascus, Lujain received free education into adulthood. Now she is sharing her love of learning in Kuala Lumpur.

17 Nov 2016