Syrian's 'Squeaky Cheese' a hit with British consumers

After escaping war in Syria, a refugee has used her initiative - and local milk - to make halloumi in northern England, creating jobs and winning awards along the way.

5 Apr 2018

Dialysis for Syrian refugees at risk due to funds shortage

Life-saving treatment for 97 Syrians living in Lebanon could end unless extra funds are found, with most refugees simply unable to cover the costs.

29 Mar 2018

Racing to avert a monsoon catastrophe in Bangladesh

UNHCR is relocating Rohingya refugees threatened by floods and landslides in Bangladesh and upgrading shelters and infrastructure as rains loom.

29 Mar 2018

Asylum-seekers fish for food, fun and friendship in Crete

A shared love of fishing has blossomed into friendship and brought peace of mind for two asylum-seekers.

29 Mar 2018

Thousands flee into Kenya to escape Ethiopia violence

Some 9,600 people are estimated to have crossed the border since Ethiopian troops attacked their villages two weeks ago.

28 Mar 2018

Verification helps refugees eye the future

One enterprising woman believes the Ugandan government initiative will help the women's businesses she plans to launch.

28 Mar 2018

Life is a daily battle for families in Ukraine conflict zone

Ever-present danger of shelling and landmines makes it difficult to collect benefits, buy food or look for work.

27 Mar 2018

Revolutionary housing project brings Dutch youth together with refugees

Startblok gives refugees a chance to meet people from around the world and feel at home.

26 Mar 2018

Rohingya traders cater to all needs in Bangladesh settlement

Enterprising refugees who fled violence in Myanmar have set up shop again, offering everything from haircuts to live chickens.

26 Mar 2018