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Give refugee children a chance to learn

Only half of all children forced to flee their homes have access to any primary education, and many of them miss out on years of schooling.


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could provide educational textbooks in different subjects.


could provide a school uniform and shoes for a child.


could provide desk space for two children in school.

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UN Summit commits to protect refugee, migrant rights

UN General Assembly Summit for Refugees and Migrants adopts key commitments to safeguard those on the move.

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Talk, or the water will break your heart

Volunteers for 2016 Nansen Refugee Award Winners  Hellenic Rescue team share their experience of a traumatic year.

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We Believe in Youth

The final report from our 2015-2016 Global Youth Consultation attests to the value and urgency of transforming humanitarian action with and for young people.


Missing Out: Refugee Education in Crisis

Opportunities to learn diminish greatly when children are forced to flee their homes and as they grow older, a troubling new report from UNHCR has found.