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Current emergencies

In 2021, Africa witnessed the most new internal displacements as conflict and violence flared in several countries across the continent. Millions of new displacements were recorded in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, South Sudan and Nigeria, triggered by increasing insecurity and human rights violations. 

Seeking durable solutions for refugees and internally displaced persons remains a critical priority for UNHCR, many of them facing additional challenges due to COVID-19 and the effects of climate change. 

Learn more about current emergencies in Africa and across the world on the Emergencies page

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African Union

The African Union (AU) is one of UNHCR's most important partners and a leader in global efforts to resolve forced displacement, a significant challenge facing the continent. Founded in 2001, the Union brings together 55 member states that join forces to address major political, social and economic issues, including preventing and ending conflict and promoting pan-African development and integration through its ambitious Agenda 2063. 

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Further resources and reports

Reporting for Africa: UNHCR Global Report

The Global Report presents the work carried out by UNHCR in 2020, highlighting the year's achievements and challenges faced in responding to multiple life-threatening crises and ever-growing humanitarian needs.

Planning for Africa: UNHCR Global Appeal

Global Appeal presents the objectives and financial resources required for UNHCR's programmes to bring about protection and lifesaving assistance, safeguard fundamental human rights and seek comprehensive solutions.

Global Focus

Global Focus provides regularly updated information about UNHCR's programmes, operations, financial requirements, funding levels and donor contributions, as well as key figures per location.