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Ongoing emergencies


Ongoing emergencies

We are currently responding to humanitarian emergencies in multiple countries, working to keep people safe while they are on the move and displaced from their homes.

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A UNHCR staff member speaks with a Syrian refugee woman in Lebanon
Right now, we are providing protection and emergency assistance to people displaced in humanitarian crises around the world.

UNHCR teams are on the ground assisting people in newly breaking emergencies, as well as long-running crises spanning years. Learn more about some of these situations and what we are doing to respond.

A young internally displaced girl in Afghanistan cuddles a soft toy.
Millions of people in Afghanistan are experiencing misery and hunger amid decades of conflict, economic collapse, drought, and freezing wintertime temperatures.
Portrait of Alphonsine, an internally displaced woman in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Amid years of insecurity and violence, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to the largest population of internally displaced people in Africa.
A displaced family with several young children and their belongings in a small truck, arrives in Gao, Mali, seeking refuge.
The central Sahel region is facing a severe humanitarian and protection crisis that has forced millions to flee across the region, both within countries and across borders. This is further compounded by the impact of the climate crisis, recurrent conflict and food insecurity.
A young Rohingya girl holds her little brother
About one million Rohingya refugees live in the largest refugee camp in the world in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, with most having arrived in 2017 after fleeing persecution, violence and human rights violations in Myanmar.
A woman walking beside a donkey, on which two children are sitting
Hundreds of thousands of people are being forced to flee the deadly clashes in Sudan. UNHCR is delivering humanitarian aid inside Sudan and its neighbouring countries, including Chad, South Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Central African Republic.
Two people unpack UNHCR boxes and blankets in Syria
After over a decade of crisis, life is harder than ever for displaced Syrians. Millions of Syrians have been forced to flee their homes since 2011, seeking safety as refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and beyond, or displaced inside Syria.
Anzhela (24) holds her little niece Liliya (4) as they wait to receive warm clothes and blankets.
In response to the massive humanitarian crisis caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine, UNHCR is working with national authorities, UN agencies, displaced communities and local and international partners to provide urgently needed assistance.
A UNHCR staff member serves bread to Venezuelan families.
With over 7 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants worldwide, the vast majority within Latin America and the Caribbean, this has become one of the largest displacement crises in the world.

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