Displaced for decades, disabled South Sudanese man finally reunites with family

Alone for thirty years, Zaki finally returns home to his loved ones – most of whom believed him to be dead

20 Mar 2018

Humanitarian aid should be amped up for South Sudanese refugees in DRC

UNHCR's Regional Refugee Coordinator for South Sudan calls for heightened support for South Sudanese refugees in DRC as they live in hardship

6 Dec 2017

Senior UNHCR Officials meet with US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley

Officials discuss political and humanitarian dimensions of the South Sudan crisis; appeal for support to end the conflict

25 Oct 2017

Continued instability likely to force more South Sudanese to seek safety elsewhere

Projected influx would swell the ranks of the two million South Sudanese already in exile in the region - bringing the total number of refugees closer the three million mark.

21 Oct 2017

Unburdened: I am the four million, I am the 80 per cent

One woman's story points to the imperative of a nexus between urgent humanitarian and development interventions and strong political will to create peace and dignity for South Sudan's displaced millions.

16 Oct 2017

South Sudan: Enough is Enough

Conflict in South Sudan has raged for nearly four years, with a staggering number of displaced and shattered lives.

12 Oct 2017

The plight of South Sudanese refugee children--reflections of the Regional Refugee Coordinator

"The lost generation created by the South Sudan situation is of great concern. Depriving these children of proper education destroys their hopes and dreams, and does irreparable damage to the future prospect of lasting peace and development in the world's youngest country." -- Arnauld Akodjenou

20 Sep 2017