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Report a fraudulent site or cyber security issue

Report a fraudulent site or cyber security issue

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UNHCR is aware of scams and other kinds of fraudulent activities on social media and the internet involving UNHCR’s name or logo.

Such fraud and scam schemes not only undermine UNHCR’s reputation and trust but can also put refugees and others forced to flee at financial risk.

We actively work to remove any fraudulent sites as quickly as possible – but we rely on individuals from the public to notify us of any suspected fraudulent activities. Please let us know if you have seen a potentially fraudulent site, email, social media post or similar. Thank you for your kind assistance.

Note: UNHCR staff should report fraudulent activities through the Global Service Desk (GSD).

Fraudulent schemes may use email, mobile phone applications, social media or websites, which appear as various proposals from people purporting to be officials of UNHCR. The correspondence and other documents, email addresses and websites may be crafted to look like they originate with UNHCR. For example, they may contain official-looking UNHCR emblem, name, or some variation thereof. Email or website addresses may include the words “United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees” or some similar fictitious name purporting to provide support to refugees and others forced to flee.

Such schemes have no connection whatsoever with UNHCR and take many forms. Please be aware that new schemes are appearing with increased frequency and will likely continue to persist and creatively adapt.

Please also be aware that:

  • UNHCR does not charge a fee for any services for refugees and other people forced to flee.
  • UNHCR does not charge a fee at any stage of its procurement process (supplier registration, bids submission or other fees).
  • UNHCR does not request or issue personal bank checks, Money Grams, Western Union or any other type of money transfer at any stage of its procurement process. UNHCR does not request any information related to bank accounts or other private information prior to the formal registration as a vendor.
  • UNHCR does not offer prizes, awards, funds, certificates, scholarships or conduct lotteries, nor does it conduct its procurement process through external entities or individuals on a commission basis.

We strongly recommend that anyone receiving such solicitations or asked to pay a fee or any kind of monetary amount should exercise extreme caution.

Any transfer of money or personal information to those issuing such fraudulent correspondence can result in a substantial financial loss and/or identity theft. UNHCR is not responsible for any such loss or theft. Victims of scams may want to report to local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.

Please note that UNHCR strictly enforces a zero tolerance policy concerning unethical, unprofessional or fraudulent acts of UN contractors. Accordingly, any registered company that is found to have undertaken unethical, unprofessional or fraudulent activities will be suspended or forbidden from continuing business relations with UNHCR.

If you become aware of any suspicious, fraudulent or cyber security issues related to UNHCR, please report them below. Please provide your email address if  you want to be contacted about the issue.

UNHCR does not pay rewards for reporting cybersecurity issues or fraudulent sites.

Report potentially fraudulent activities

Note: UNHCR staff should report fraudulent activities through the Global Service Desk (GSD).

Report other types of fraud or misconduct