"la Caixa" Banking Foundation

About the partnership

Since: 2002

Locations: Ethiopia, Syria, Chad, South Sudan, Uganda, DRC and Sri Lanka, among others

Since 2002, “la Caixa” Banking Foundation has become one of UNHCR’s most important strategic partners. It has supported 14 UNHCR projects in countries including South Sudan, Chad, Syria and Ethiopia – and helped us respond to emergencies. 

Now the partnership is working to help pregnant refugees and their babies in Ethiopia – implementing an innovative programme to improve their nutrition. 

Using digital technology, the programme has established a refugee register to speed up the distribution of food to women and children, and monitor refugees’ nutrition levels.

Impact at a glance

In 2018 alone, as part of the nutrition program in Ethiopia:

  • 20,000 pregnant and lactating women were reached
  • 100,000 children benefited 
  • 1,027 mother-to-mother support groups were established, where pregnant and lactating women received breastfeeding and nutrition support. 
  • 31 baby-friendly spaces were run to help mothers care for their children in the midst of a crisis
  • Innovative digital register of refugees to speed up the distribution of food to women and children and better follow up of refugees’ nutrition status stablished in regions of Gambella and Dollo Ado

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If you are interested in exploring a partnership with UNHCR, please contact us at [email protected].