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Chechnya: 8,000 flee in 4 days

Briefing notes

Chechnya: 8,000 flee in 4 days

25 January 2000

Heavy fighting around Grozny is pushing more people out of Chechnya. More than 8,000 people have fled to Ingushetia over the past four days. On Monday alone, over 2,000 people crossed the border with Ingushetia. There is also continued movement of the displaced back into northern Chechnya which is controlled by Russian federal troops. However, over the past few days twice as many people have left Chechnya as have gone back.

The medical shape of the displaced in Ingushetia is worsening with reports of more cases of tuberculosis, respiratory disease and other health problems. While tuberculosis is endemic in both Chechnya and Ingushetia, its presence in places of collective accommodation poses a greater than usual risk. UNHCR and its partner agencies are looking at the option of setting up prefabricated housing for people with open TB to improve their living conditions and prevent the spread of the disease.

On Tuesday the 25th UNHCR convoy arrived in Ingushetia's capital Nazran, bringing food and other supplies from UNHCR, Action Contre la Faim, and the Salvation Army. This brings the total tonnage of aid delivered to Ingushetia by UNHCR to more than 3,700 metric tons.