UNHCR releases Asia and the Pacific Regional Trends report 2021

A child from a displaced family at a settlement for displaced people in Kandahar, Afghanistan  © Oxygen Film Studio

UNHCR’s Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific released today the Asia & the Pacific Regional Trends report for 2021, which provides an overview of forced displacement and statelessness in the region up to the end of the year. Presenting an in-depth look into the Asia-Pacific region, it follows on from the release of UNHCR’s flagship Global Trends report published in June. 

The report highlights that the total number of people whom UNHCR has been mandated to protect and assist stood at 11.3 million at the end of 2021, a 15 per cent increase from 2020. The region hosts 12 per cent of the global total of persons of concern to UNHCR (11.3 million out of 94.7 million). This includes 19 per cent of the world’s refugees (4.2 million of 21.3 million) within UNHCR’s mandate and 56 per cent of the world’s recorded stateless population (2.4 million out of 4.3 million). 

Read the full report here.