Refugee Voices

'Together, women will become even stronger'

Leena Al-Mujaheed, founder of the Yemeni Refugee Women Association in Malaysia, calls on fellow women to break free of restrictive traditions.

'Education enables us to sense the meaning of life'

Mahbooba, a 22-year-old Afghan refugee in Pakistan, has often struggled to continue her education while also helping to provide for her family. She explains what has motivated her to persevere.

'We were made for Afghanistan, and Afghanistan was made for us'

Born a refugee in Iran, Zahra Mohammadi returned to Afghanistan as a young child. Now 20 years old, she describes why she remains hopeful for the country's future and urges the international community to 'not leave us behind'.

'With education, I have learned to speak up for myself'

Eight years after fleeing Myanmar alone as a 12-year-old Rohingya boy, Mohammed Anwar recounts his long journey to Texas, United States, and describes his hopes for the future.

'Every parent wants their child to be safe'

Having fled Myanmar as a young boy, Mohammed Rafique reflects on his current home of Carlow, Ireland and shares his hopes for fellow Rohingya refugees.

Bangladesh. 3 year mark of the Rohingya refugee influx in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

'We all miss home, but we cannot go back to the same fear'

Three years after she fled to Bangladesh, Rohingya refugee Nur Ayna shares her memories of Myanmar, experiences in exile, and dreams of returning home.