Pakistan launches 'drive' to issue smartcards to registered Afghan refugees

15 Apr 2021

120,000 refugees assisted to access Iran's health insurance scheme

6 Apr 2021

Pandemic deepens hunger for displaced people the world over

With COVID-19 lockdowns depriving many of jobs and income, increasing numbers of refugees and asylum-seekers are going hungry.

31 Mar 2021

UNHCR: Stabilization will require increased support for Afghanistan's returning refugees

29 Mar 2021

Breaking barriers, a young refugee woman fulfils her medical career dream

Taking risks to pursue her dream, Marzila, a 21-year-old Afghan refugee and medical worker in Pakistan, has convinced her family and community to accept the diverse roles that women play in society.

5 Mar 2021

'Education enables us to sense the meaning of life'

Mahbooba, a 22-year-old Afghan refugee in Pakistan, has often struggled to continue her education while also helping to provide for her family. She explains what has motivated her to persevere and of her hopes for the future.

27 Jan 2021

Refugee tailors ramp up mask production, as COVID-19 lingers in Iran

In Sarvestan refugee settlement, Iran, refugee tailors are producing 10,000 masks each day to help combat COVID-19.

14 Jan 2021

News Comment by UNHCR Director for Asia and the Pacific on the Afghan peace talks

4 Dec 2020

How climate change is multiplying risks for displacement

Global heating is compounding threats for people already living with conflict and insecurity, further driving displacement around the world.

2 Dec 2020