UNHCR lauds Philippines' accession to 1961 statelessness convention

25 Mar 2022

Volunteers boost Sama Bajau birth registration amid pandemic

Since 2019, a community outreach programme has registered 900 of the indigenous seafarers in the Philippines who were at risk of statelessness.

4 Nov 2021

Ensuring the rights of nomadic seafarers

A UNHCR-supported documentation programme seeks to assure indigenous Sama Bajau people can access education, health care and housing in the Philippines.

25 Sep 2019

A year after assault on Marawi City, residents still unable to return

Conflict drove 360,000 Filipinos from their homes last May. Months after the city was liberated, destruction and unexploded bombs prevent many from going home.

23 May 2018

Mindanao's returnees get help with kelp in the Philippines

UNHCR is helping returnees in Zamboanga's island villages back on their feet by supporting their traditional livelihood and building seaweed dryers.

2 Apr 2015

Fighting in southern Philippines island displaces more than 120,000

UNHCR fears for the safety of civilians as the conflict spreads on Mindanao Island. It has already affected 13 municipalities in the past eight weeks.

20 Mar 2015

Over 120,000 displaced as conflict continues in southern Philippines

20 Mar 2015

1-year on from Typhoon Haiyan, thousands of people still rebuilding lives

7 Nov 2014

Typhoon Haiyan Anniversary: Three generations under one roof in tent city

Having a roof over their heads has helped the Aguilar family in the central Philippines to face their fears and plan for the future.

7 Nov 2014