© Amalina Majit / UNHCR The pilot team working in Pacaraima is currently testing the offline mode, synchronizing to the Rapid field server at the end of each registration.

Since several weeks UNHCR Field teams are registering Venezuelans in Brazil. They are successfully using a new tool: Rapid Application (RApp), a brand new application for mobile devices allowing for the rapid input of identity related data in an off-line modus. RApp is part of the UNHCR Population Registration and Identity Management EcoSystem (PRIMES).

RApp data can be uploaded into the central UNHCR population registry and linked to the various other tools of the PRIMES eco system, such as biometrics and the various case management modules. RApp can also be used for the intake of identity data of other populations than asylum seekers and refugees, such as IDPs, migrants, host populations, etc.

Rapid Application (RApp) was developed by UNHCR and first tested in South Africa in March 2018. The current test in Brazil covers the use of servers and the integration into the PRIMES eco system. RApp will now be part of the accelerated PRIMES roll-out starting in May that will cover 80% of the refugee data held by UNHCR. Stay tuned for more innovative information on this blog.