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In Turkey, like in other countries, governments are improving their population registry and refugee status determination processes. Hence, it came as no surprise when in April 2018, the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) accelerated its planning and implementation of a single, but fully decentralized, registration system for applicants in need of international protection.

UNHCR and DGMM embarked on a phase-out and hand-over of registration activities since then and now, that means as of 10 September 2018, refugee registration activities are handled by DGMM in each of Turkey’s 81 provinces. In preparation of the hand-over, UNHCR and DGMM launched an information campaign with support materials to provide timely and accurate information to newcomers in Turkey. These materials include an information note and leaflet, also published on the websites of UNHCR and DGMM.

According to the new arrangements, refugees applying for international protection in Turkey will now have to approach as soon as possible the provincial directorates of migration management (PDMM) upon entry into the country. Despite the hand-over, UNHCR and DGMM have agreed that UNHCR will continue to support the national institutions where and when necessary, since UNHCR’s main interest remains an easy and quick access for asylum seekers to registration in all provinces.

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