Ensuring Legal Protection | Protecting rights

UNHCR Central Europe is committed to ensuring that forcibly displaced people receive all the legal protection they are due. The agency fights for the rights of the displaced, and works to ensure they are not returned involuntarily to a land where they face persecution.

A major goal of the UNHCR is to ensure that all asylum-seekers have access to safe territory where asylum procedures are carried out in a fair and efficient way. The UN refugee agency strives to make sure reception conditions for new arrivals, such as accommodations and the health care, are acceptable and in line with international standards.

UNHCR tackles the problems facing refugees on a global basis, searching for durable solutions to their plight. These solutions include integration into a new host society, return to their home country if it is possible to do so in safety and dignity, or resettlement in a third country.

According to mandates issued by two international conventions, UNHCR also works to protect stateless people by lobbying governments to adopt laws to reduce and resolve statelessness and ensure the stateless can access their rights.

The UN Refugee Agency also promotes international refugee agreements, works with countries to improve the  fairness and efficiency of their asylum systems, and acts as an international watchdog of refugee issues.