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Full-scale Ukraine war enters third year, prolonging uncertainty and exile for millions of displaced

Highlights from UNHCR country offices in Europe

Empowering refugee livelihoods in Albania
UNHCR Albania: Empowering refugee livelihoods in Albania
Despite having the legal right to work in Albania, refugees still encounter various challenges when navigating the job market. UNHCR and partners provide training to refugees to boost their skills for a successful job search.

Being recognised as a refugee in Cyprus has given Mohammed the possibility to live more independently, pursue his education and help others.
UNHCR Cyprus: Recognised refugee from Somalia dreams of a brighter future
“Growing up with a disability in Somalia, you are seen as different,” said Mohammed, a refugee who dreams about a better future in Cyprus. He is learning Greek and aspiring to work in the tourism sector.

Despite having lived with visual impairment all his life, Volodymyr became a talented artist and now contributes to the life of his host community after fleeing the Donetsk region due to Russia’s full-scale invasion.
UNHCR Ukraine: It is only in the heart that one can see rightly
Meet Volodymyr, a talented artist and visually impaired person who was internally displaced by the war in Ukraine. He is now teaching art to the local children in his new host community in Volyn region.

What role does UNHCR play in Europe?

UNHCR works to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees, asylum-seekers, stateless people and internally displaced persons by providing guidance and support to governments across Europe, collaborating closely with partners, and promoting the best international standards in legislation, policy and procedures.

As the custodian of the 1951 Refugee Convention, UNHCR supports efforts by governments and other stakeholders to ensure access to asylum and to international protection for refugees and asylum-seekers, as well as promoting durable solutions.  UNHCR works to strengthen partnerships with state and non-state actors in order to ensure the inclusion of refugees,  to garner support for both refugees and the communities hosting them, as well as enhancing joint advocacy efforts in the spirit of the Global Compact on Refugees.

With a Regional Bureau in Geneva, Switzerland, and office presence in 36 European countries, UNHCR is covering 49 States, including 27 EU Member States, and one territory in the Europe region.


Key global facts and figures

89.3 million people worldwide were forcibly displaced

at the end of 2021 as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations or events seriously disturbing public order.

83% are hosted in low- and middle-income countries

Low- and middle-income countries hosted 83 per cent of the world’s refugees and Venezuelans displaced abroad.*


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