To be truly community-based, programmes must involve persons of concern to UNHCR at every stage: in assessment, diagnosis, prioritization, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, while applying an age, gender and diversity approach to ensure inclusiveness.

Our formal surveys and assessments include an annual participatory assessment, in which girls, boys, women and men of different nationalities inform about their needs, tell us how they cope with challenges, and make suggestions on possible UNHCR interventions. The findings from this assessment are incorporated in our planning process for the following year.

UNHCR Egypt also works closely with refugee and asylum-seeker communities to enhance their capacity for self-management. Throughout 2018, 197 members of the refugee community, members of volunteer initiatives, and outreach volunteers received training on the community-based approach to protection in Greater Cairo and the North Coast. We also organize outreach meetings with refugees and asylum-seekers, as well as community dialogue, focus group discussions, and awareness-raising on the services provided by UNHCR and our partners.