Global Doctors Malaysia & UNHCR: Working together in partnership towards sustainable healthcare for refugees


The Medical Care Centre for refugees, run by Global Doctors Malaysia in partnership with UNHCR  © UNHCR/Yante Ismail

Kuala Lumpur, 3 March 2020: Global Doctors Malaysia (GDM), today, launched a Medical Care
Centre to provide healthcare assistance, on gratis, for asylum-seekers and refugees in Malaysia.
In partnership with UNHCR, the UN refugee Agency, GDM pledged its commitment towards
assisting the healthcare needs of refugees in Malaysia, by providing consultancy services as well
as diagnostic imaging services - excluding material costs through the Global Doctors Hospital
(Mon’t Kiara).

To formalise this, GDM and UNHCR signed two memorandums of understanding during the
launch event this morning.

GDM’s recently developed Medical Care Centre, located at the Global Doctors International
Medical Clinic in Mont Kiara, is a designated space created to assist the healthcare needs of
refugees in Malaysia. The space is a fully functional Medical Care centre with a pharmaceutical
service supported by the clinic – with charges for pharmaceutical supplies.

“We aim to support the governments’ initiative on accessible healthcare for refugees in Malaysia.
At GDM we believe in prevention and early diagnosis; which is the cornerstone of sustainable
healthcare. GDM believes in the right to accessing universal healthcare, in line with the principle
enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals of “leaving no one behind”.” said Dr. Navindra
Nageswaran, Managing and Medical Director of GDM.

There are some 180,000 refugees registered with UNHCR today, with the majority coming from
Myanmar. Refugees have access to public and private healthcare facilities in the country, but
factors including cost, fear of movement, and language limitations prohibit access to healthcare

Partners in refugee health: (L – R) Dr Navindra Nageswaran, Managing and Medical Director of GDM, Mr Thomas Albrecht, UNHCR Representative, Dato' Dr. Sharifah Fauziah, Executive Chairman of Global Doctors Malaysia, Ms Stephanie Rinville, UNHCR Senior Programme Officer, and Dr Susheela Balasundaram, UNHCR Associate Public Health Officer.   © UNHCR/Yante Ismail


“Life for refugees in Malaysia is very difficult. Because they are considered as illegal immigrants
by law, they are unable to work legally in the country and are often unable to afford basic
healthcare services,” said Thomas Albrecht, UNHCR Representative in Malaysia.

“Early treatment at primary healthcare facilities can prevent illnesses, which, if left untreated,
would cost more to refugee families and to Malaysia. This programme creates affordable
healthcare for an extremely vulnerable population, thus curbing any public health problems
within this group.”

Albrecht added that partnerships with private healthcare providers like Global Doctors Malaysia
are a good example of private sector involvement in reducing the burden of healthcare on the
public healthcare system, while ensuring that marginalised communities get the healthcare they

“UNHCR warmly welcomes this collaboration with Global Doctors Malaysia to make primary care
treatment more accessible for refugees in Malaysia, thereby improving the welfare of refugee
families,” said Albrecht.

Through its services, GDM will provide free primary healthcare consultancy services for refugees.
This includes the cost of consultations, diagnostic and imaging services (Radiological): X-Rays, CT
Scans and Mammograms; but excludes pharmaceutical and laboratory services.

Official Opening: 09/03/2020
Location: Global Doctors International Medical Centre,
Bayu Walk, Jalan Kiara 2, Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur

Operational Hours: (On Appointment Basis)
Monday – Saturday: 16:00 – 19:00
Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed
Contact Details: +60362033999