Persons registered with UNHCR Malaysia at end of August 2017. 


of those registered are from Myanmar. 41% are ethnic Rohingya. 11% of those registered are from 60 other countries (mostly from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Yemen, SYria, Somalia and Iraq).


of those registered are recognized refugees, while 35% are asylum-seekers.


of those registered are male, while 33% are female. 26% are children below the age of 18.



Registration Activites

  • Registration of non-Myanmar asylum-seekers
  • Merged Registration/Refugee Status Determination for MYA Rohingya
  • Family unity interviews (granting refugee status to dependent family members)
  • Verification/Records of biometrics (photo, fingerprints, iris scan)
  • Documentation of cards to Refugees and under consideration letters to asylum-seekers

Who Approaches UNHCR Daily?

  • 700-1000 person(s) approach UNHCR on a daily basis

  • 75% for registration

  • 60-70% renewal of documentation

  • 30-40% new registration

  • 25% other units

Main Challenges

  • Pull factors if registration appointments are given too soon
  • Mixed asylum-seeker & migrant population
  • Developing situation in Myanmar and which groups should be prioritized
  • Local political environment

2017 Priorities

  • Decrease the registration waiting period without creating a pull factor
  • Increase the proportion of Rohingya and refugees within the registered population
  • Issue the new UNHCR card with enhanced security features to all registered refugee population in 2017 in order to facilitate the work of police and immigration officials and increase the protection of the refugee population