Former Somali refugee inspires children with illustrated book

Habso Mohamud grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya and has something to say to children around the world: "We are the agents of change."

22 Apr 2019

Striving to protect vulnerable Venezuelan children

Venezuelan children reaching Colombia are often susceptible to assault and are frequently underweight.

20 Nov 2018

MIT workshop teaches refugee children joys of digital design

Teenaged asylum-seekers in Athens are hooked on classes that show them how to use technology to express their creativity.

16 Nov 2018

Lone children among most vulnerable in human 'caravan'

UNHCR is providing shelter, food and other assistance to Honduran refugees and migrants in Guatemala and southern Mexico.

24 Oct 2018

Centre proves a haven for special needs children uprooted by conflict

Forced to flee eastern Ukraine, one woman decided to open her own treatment centre for internally displaced special needs children.

16 Oct 2018

Four million refugee children go without schooling: UNHCR report

Turn the Tide: Refugee Education in Crisis study finds refugee enrolment in school is failing to keep pace with growing displacement worldwide.

29 Aug 2018

Children learn key to coding success at classes in Belarus

IT firm's staff volunteer to teach refugees and local children to create interactive games and art.

6 Jul 2018

Mothers of Congo's lost children break silence

Thousands of children are thought to be missing as DR Congo's displacement crisis deepens.

4 Jul 2018

Congolese children forced into cheap labour as displacement crisis worsens

People fleeing violence in Tanganyika province are finding it hard to survive, and the burden is falling on children. Instead of going to school, many work to support their families.

5 Jun 2018