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Inter-agency resources

The following inter-agency and external webpages contain additional information and resources related to conducting assessment and monitoring exercises: 


Joint Intersectoral Analysis Framework (JIAF)

JIAF is an inter-agency framework that provides key information that can assist decision-makers in coordinating and implementing a more effective response, answering the key questions of how many people are in need, where they are, how severe their needs are, which are the drivers of the needs and who are those most in need.

WFP VAM Resource Centre

This platform by the World Food Programme (WFP) provides tools, methodologies, and guidance for food security, nutrition, and essential needs analysis and monitoring. Find resources on data collection, analysis, reporting, and visualization, supporting needs assessments, targeting, and intervention design.

UNICEF Evaluation Resource Centre

Dedicated to evaluation in humanitarian and development contexts, this resource centre by UNICEF offers guidance, tools, and case studies relevant to various stages of the evaluation process. Access tools related to evaluation practice.

JIPS Essential Toolkit (JET)

The JET is a collection of  tools and guidance that steers JIPS’ partners and colleagues through a profiling exercise from start to finish. It breaks the process down into six phases, each entailing a series of smaller steps and key outputs.

DEEP Analysis Platform 

The Data Entry and Exploration Platform (DEEP) offers a suite of tools and collaborative workflows that meet the needs for compiling, storing and structuring data and qualitative information. 

ACAPS Resources

ACAPS materials on analytical thinking that involve refining data analysis techniques and using improved methods to produce more effective outcomes.

REACH Toolkit

Assessment tools and materials from REACH, a humanitarian initiative providing analysis from contexts of crisis, disaster and displacement. 

OCHA Tools and Services

An OCHA-curated list of humanitarian tools and services, including for assessments, monitoring, and coordination.

OCHA Indicator Registry

Developed by the global clusters, the OCHA indicator registry is a guidance tool for countries to select indicators, and where possible seek standard definitions and applications of those indicators. It lists the principal needs and response monitoring indicators for each cluster and provides a unique identifier, similar to a p-code, for every indicator. The registry offers also search, filter and export functions.

Red Cross Cash Hub

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement tools for, assessing, designing, implementing, and monitoring cash programmes. For UNHCR cash tools, see the UNHCR CBI page. UNHCR colleagues can also access the CBI intranet page.