“There are at least 10 million people in the world who don’t belong to any country, and I am honored to help eradicate this man made problem.”

eShun is a popular and well-loved young musician from Ghana, who performs a unique blend of Highlife and AfroPop, and now has a series of awards and hit singles to her name. Since her arrival on the Ghanaian music scene, following her participation in the 2011 season of Project Fame – West Africa, eShun has steadily built up successful career for herself, combining popular chart hits with involvement in a series of good causes. His has included the promotion of Ghanaian culture and, since 2017, involvement in the UNHCR iBelong campaign as an active High Level Supporter.

Most importantly, eShun loves being a musician, and is proud of her ability to combine elements from a wide range of West African musical influences, genres, and cultures. Her vocal range and unique tone makes her stand out in the contemporary music scene, and has meant her quick evolution from reality show performer to legitimate West African musical superstar.

eShun serves as an important channel to transmit our shared message on the importance of eradicating statelessness in Ghana and throughout the region. This has included her participation in a series of different events and performances, in partnerships with UNHCR, including:
– Performed at the activation of “LuQuLuQu” Fundraising Campaign in Accra;
– Performed on TV Show in Dakar, Senegal, at the Anniversary Celebration of UNHCR “Ibelong” Campaign on Statelessness;
– Composed and Performed a song about Statelessness titled “iBelong”;
– Collaborated on the “iBelong” Song in Dakar Senegal.

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Pino (M. Ibrahim Ahmed)

Mali - Actor, Musician

“The stateless persons are invisible patriots in a land that saw them born. Stateless people, citizens nowhere. Let’s fight for their rights”.

Angelique Kidjo

Benin - Singer/Songwriter

“I believe everyone has the right to say #IBelong.”

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