We need to create a world in which everyone can say #IBelong

Guor escaped civil war in Sudan and was granted refugee status in the USA. In the 2012 Olympics he ran for peace, under the Olympic flag. He didn’t win his race but he won gold for perseverance. In 2013, to mark World Refugee Day, he returned with UNHCR to newly independent South Sudan and reunited with his parents after nearly 20 years of separation.

Louise Arbour

Canada - Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

“Statelessness is our collective failure. We have a responsibility to ensure human beings receive the protection and benefits…”

Kathy Calvin

United States - President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation

I believe everyone has the right to nationality and I know Eleanor Roosevelt would agree!

Salif Traoré (Asalfo)

Côte d'Ivoire

Je m’engage pleinement à soutenir la cause de mettre fin à l’apatridie.

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