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Afghan registration campaign


Afghan registration campaign

Afghans who fled to Pakistan recently are registering in increasing numbers for a screening process to determine their refugee status.
15 August 2001
West Timor: IDPs in Kupang, near GOR sports stadium.

ISLAMABAD, Aug. 14 (UNHCR) - An increasing number of the estimated 200,000 Afghans who fled war and drought since September are registering for a screening process to determine their refugee status in Pakistan.

More than 5,000 families in the Jalozai and Nasir Bagh camps in north-west Pakistan registered in the first week of the exercise. At the same time, 531 families opted to return home.

The government and UNHCR sent 30 joint teams to 'screen' the recent arrivals. Civilians found to be in need of protection will be granted a temporary stay in Pakistan and shifted to a new camp where they will be given assistance by UNHCR and partner agencies. Those whose cases for refugee status are rejected, can appeal, but once a final decision is made, they must return home.

Those wishing to go back are given an assistance package of 6,000 rupees ($90) and 150 kilogrammes of wheat.