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Ireland pledges support for tackling the root causes of displacement at the 2nd Global Refugee Forum

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Ireland pledges support for tackling the root causes of displacement at the 2nd Global Refugee Forum

15 December 2023
Officials sit at a conference table.

Promoting refugee integration and participation, responsibility sharing and supporting host countries with large numbers of refugees were amongst the key commitments made by those participating in the 2023 Global Refugee Forum in Geneva.  

"We know that the overwhelming majority of people fleeing crises stay as close to home as possible. Many neighbouring countries provide sanctuary for those in need of refuge and we have an obligation to help those host countries – from Jordan to Uganda to Bangladesh. We cannot allow them to suffer for their generosity."

Minister of State for International Development and Diaspora, Sean Fleming TD.

Ireland reiterated its commitment to tackling the root causes of displacement, as states, civil society and refugee-led organisations came together to pledge their support for refugees worldwide. 

The Irish government also pledged its ongoing support for the work of UNHCR and to finding safe and legal ways for refugees to come to Ireland. Government and civil society will continue to support and promote community sponsorship as an effective way of assisting the integration of refugees into local communities.  


Pledges made by the Irish government and Civil Society at the GRF 

Resettlement and Community Sponsorship 

EU member states, including Ireland, pledged their commitment to resettling people from countries hosting large numbers of refugees, with a focus on those who are particularly vulnerable or at risk, as part of its response to increasing forced displacement. The Irish government will continue to support its annual resettlement programme, now in its 25th year of operation.  

The government and civil society organisations, including Open Community, the Irish Red Cross, the Irish Refugee Council and Nasc, also pledged to continue support for the Community Sponsorship Ireland initiative, where local groups welcome and support refugees arriving to Ireland. Community sponsorship is a unique and effective way of helping refugees integrate into local communities.  

Climate Action  

The destructive impact of climate change on vulnerable communities around the world is increasing making pledges on climate action ever more vital. The Irish government has pledged to address the root causes of displacement through support for climate finance to developing countries, with a commitment to provide €225m annually in international climate finance by 2025. 

Food Security 

The Irish government has pledged to tackle food insecurity in developing countries, another key root cause of displacement, specifically through the FAO-led UN Food Systems Coordination. Ireland has pledged to spend €800m by 2026 to support this work.


War and conflict are central causes of displacement worldwide forcing millions of people each year to flee their homes. The mass movement of people as a result of the war in Ukraine, as well as conflicts in Sudan and Nagorno-Karabakh have contributed to increasing numbers seeking safety in 2023. Ireland has pledged to support global peacebuilding initiatives to improve conditions in countries of origin with a view to assisting the safe return of refugees.  

Education and Employment 

Supporting education for children in emergency situations is a crucial component in assisting refugees to rebuild their lives and the Irish government has pledged to continue its focus on this work.  

Separately, the government has pledged to assist the arrival of refugees to Ireland under so-called ‘safe pathways’ though education and labour opportunities. It will continue to support projects focused on these pathways, including EU Passworld, an EU funded initiative that supports refugees to study in Irish universities. Irish private sector and civil society also made commitments to support refugees with employment, training and integration.  

Speakers Corner

Two Irish NGOs participated in the Speakers Corner event at the GRF. Graham Clifford, from Sanctuary Runners and Jeanne McDonagh from Open Doors told delegates to the Forum about the work their organisations are doing with asylum seekers and refugees in Ireland.

Ireland participates in the Speaker's Corner at the Global Refugee Forum