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Labour Mobility

Labour Mobility

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and Nasc, the Migrant and Rights Centre, have partnered with Talent Beyond Boundaries to bring refugee labour mobility to Ireland for the first time.

Our shared mission is to create a world where refugees enjoy equal access to international recruitment opportunities, allowing them to leverage their skills and self-reliance.
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Untapped Talent

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There is an unprecedented talent shortage globally, with employers struggling to find the skills they need in local labour markets.

Refugee employment pathways allow people in need of protection to move and settle in another country where they can take up an offer of employment and rebuild their lives in peace and safety.

With this initiative, employers can meet their recruitment needs by accessing a large international talent pool in a competitive market, while also empowering and supporting refugees. 


A win-win situation

This untapped talent pool is bursting with potential, with the skills, determination, and resilience to benefit your organisation. Around 70,000 skilled workers have registered on TBB's Talent Catalogue. This world-first database allows employers to access the talent that exists in refugee and displaced populations. Software developers, engineers, healthcare professionals, and skilled trade workers are amongst the top professions listed. 

Foster a Welcoming Workplace

Labour mobility goes beyond simply connecting businesses with skilled refugees. 

We emphasise the importance of offering comprehensive support to ensure a seamless integration process for your new employees, both within and outside the workplace.

The "Welcome at Work" initiative fosters a genuinely inclusive culture, offering training in various areas: 

  • Roles & Responsibilities: Gain clarity on the roles of key actors involved in the programme. 

  • Cultural Competence: Understand and address the unique needs and experiences of employees with a refugee background, including learning about racism and bias, empowering you to foster a workplace where everyone thrives. 

  • Forming a Welcome at Work Group: Employers will form a key role in encouraging volunteers to form the Welcome Group within the workplace. Nasc offers training on assigning responsibilities within the group and how to work together to achieve a common goal to ensure a smooth transition. 


Why consider Refugee Labour Mobility? 

Refugee Labour Mobility is more than just a business opportunity; it's a chance to transform lives and drive success in your organisation. Refugees bring unique skills, diverse experiences and a robust work ethic to the table. This is an invitation to businesses in Ireland to join us in striving for a brighter future, benefitting both your company and displaced people.  

Ready to join us?

For more information about our refugee labour mobility project and how your business can get involved, please email us at [email protected].