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Iraq: fears for tens of thousands fleeing Fallujah

Briefing notes

Iraq: fears for tens of thousands fleeing Fallujah

9 November 2004

Despite the extremely volatile security situation in Iraq, UNHCR has continued to facilitate voluntary repatriation of Iraqis insisting on going home from camps in neighbouring Iran. Over the past two weeks, 64 people returned to southern Iraq, while more than 700 people returned to northern Iraq. This brings the total of facilitated returns to 18,115 people since August 2003. UNHCR also facilitated returns from Jordan.

The repatriations are becoming increasingly difficult with deteriorating weather conditions. Near the northern Iraqi border (Haj Omran), it has been raining steadily for the last three days and the convoys can take a long time getting to their destination. It is not clear how long the repatriation movements from the north of Iran can continue with the weather getting worse and snow expected to fall soon.

UNHCR is extremely concerned at the fate of tens of thousands of people who have fled the city of Fallujah to escape the fierce fighting there. UNHCR, which has no international presence on the ground in Iraq, is part of a joint UN/ICRC and NGO emergency group based in Amman. The group is in close contact with colleagues inside the country and with partner organisations monitoring the situation. The displaced people are staying with relatives, friends or other Iraqis around Fallujah. Some have been provided with tents. The majority of civilians appear to have left the city, although it is difficult to establish numbers with any certainty. The most immediate needs of the displaced are food, shelter, water and sanitation and health care.