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International assistance to refugees within the mandate of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Executive Committee Meetings

International assistance to refugees within the mandate of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
832 (IX)

21 October 1954


832. International assistance to refugees within the mandate of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The General Assembly,

Having considered the problems of refugees within the mandate of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the light of his report1 to the General Assembly at its ninth session,

Having noted with satisfaction the work accomplished for refugees,

Noting that, in spite of the efforts made, there is little hope that - at the present rate of repatriation, resettlement, or integration - a satisfactory solution to these problems will be reached within a reasonable period of time,

Considering that, while the ultimate responsibility for the refugees within the mandate of the High Commissioner falls in fact upon the countries of residence, certain of these countries have to face particularly heavy burdens as a result of their geographical situation, and some complementary aid has been shown to be necessary to accelerate the implementation of a programme for permanent solutions.

Recalling resolution 728 (VIII) of the General Assembly and resolution 549 (XVIII) of the Economic and Social Council,

Considering that the programme outlined in the report of the High Commissioner contains a number of constructive elements for an effective attempt at achieving a permanent solution to the problems of certain groups of the refugees who are the concern of the High Commissioner, having special regard to family groups,

1. Authorizes the High Commissioner, in accordance with his Statute, to undertake a programme designed to achieve permanent solutions within the period of his current mandate for the refugees included within the proposals2 in his report to the General Assembly at its ninth session;

2. Requests the Negotiating Committee for Extra-Budgetary Funds, in co-operation with the High Commissioner, to negotiate with the Governments of Member and non-member States for voluntary contributions towards a fund based on the proposals of the High Commissioner (the amount to be determined by the High Commissioner's Advisory Committee at its next session), to be devoted principally to the promotion of permanent solutions, and also to permit emergency assistance to the most needy cases, such fund to incorporate the fund authorized by the General Assembly in resolution 538 B (VI);

3. Authorizes the High Commissioner to make appeals for funds for the purposes set forth in paragraph 2 above;

4. Requests the Economic and Social Council, not later than its nineteenth session and in the light of proposals to be submitted to it by the High Commissioner upon the advice of his Advisory Committee, either to establish an Executive Committee responsible for giving directives to the High Commissioner in carrying out his programme and for exercising the necessary controls in the use of funds allotted to the Office of the High Commissioner or to revise the terms of reference and composition of the Advisory Committee in order to enable it to carry out the same duties;

5. Requests the High Commissioner to prepare, for presentation to the inter-governmental body mentioned in paragraph 4 above, detailed proposals for projects designed to achieve permanent solutions, including plans for adequate financial or other contributions from sources within the countries of residence;

6. Requests the Governments concerned, in the negotiation of agreements with the High Commissioner for the projects for permanent solutions under this programme, to give assurances that they will assume full financial responsibility should any of the refugees within the scope of the programme still require assistance at the end of the stipulated period;

7. Urges Member and non-member States to cooperate with the High Commissioner to the fullest extent in this programme;

8. Requests the High Commissioner to include in his annual report a statement on the measures which he has taken under the terms of the present resolution.

495th plenary meeting,
21 October 1954.

1 See Official Records of the General Assembly, Ninth Session, Supplements Nos. 13 and 13 B.

2 Ibid., Supplement No. 13, chapter IV, section 4, and Supplement No. 13 B, paras. 1 to 11 inclusive.