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National Activity Plan 2005: Sierra Leone

National Activity Plan 2005: Sierra Leone

20 June 2005

Julien UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie hanging with the kids at the "Sky of Aspirations" installation at Barcelona's Universal Forum of Cultures.

  • 20 June: UNHCR Representative will convey the High Commissioner's WRD message on the radio, followed by a live interview.
  • A parade with banners on the WRD theme, "Courage", followed by a reception for all participants.
  • Zimmi: Members of the Zimmi Secondary School Band will perform during a parade. UNHCR staff, NGO partners and UN agencies will be invited. Volleyball game: Between UNHCR and NGO staff and returnees. Food and refreshments will be offered.
  • Kono: Radio debates on 18 and 19 June on the reasons for UNHCR to be in Kono and an appreciation to the returnees and the local Kono community.
  • Kailahun: Cultural groups made up of refugees and returnees will perform Liberian and Sierra Leonean cultural shows. March of returnees with special guests, in WRD T-shirts. Meetings with refugees and local authorities on international refugee law. Football game between UNHCR staff and returnees. Radio jingles and messages on the theme, "Courage".
  • Kenema/Bo: Urban refugees will mark the day with radio discussions on the courage it takes to be a refugee. Football and volleyball games in collaboration with NGO Right to Play, open to refugees, UNHCR and NGO staff. Reception, following a parade, where the Bo Government Secondary School Band will perform.
  • All 8 camps: Disco dance and cultural and drama performances, songs, poetry reading, film screenings on the 2005 theme.