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Refugees and Stateless Persons: France: Draft Resolution

Refugees and Stateless Persons: France: Draft Resolution

11 November 1949

France: draft resolution

The General Assembly,

Having taken cognizance of the memorandum addressed to it by the General Council of the International Refugee Organization on 20 October 1949,

Being anxious to give the International Refugee Organization the support without which that organization does not feel able to complete its task rapidly and fully.

Decides to address an urgent appeal to all States, whether or not Members of the United Nations, calling upon them to furnish to the International refugee Organization the widest possible assistance, particularly in respect of the admission and care of refugees in the most distressed categories,

And decides, in the absence of definite grounds for judgement, to postpone until its fifth session the examination of the problems of assistance raised by the above-mentioned memorandum, should these problems still be in existence at that date.