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Resources for ages 9-11 in Language & Literature: Adjectives

Teaching and training materials

Resources for ages 9-11 in Language & Literature: Adjectives

17 February 2007

Activity Sheet: Adjectives

Adjectives are describing words. They tell:

What kind:

tall, thin boy, heavy, drenching rain, etc.

What colour:

golden sand, black hair, etc.

How many:

two animals, several men, etc.

Which one:

this chicken, that farm, the third day, etc.

Excercise 1

Select adjectives from the following sentences and make a list of them.

Fat, black and red feathered chickens scratched the earth, looking for insects to eat.

The fox moved with quick, lithe movements and caught the first chicken.

A row of tempting, green cabbages sat in the brownish earth of the vegetable patch.

The thoughtless fox lifted up his head and produced a high-pitched howling noise, causing startled men to run from their tasks to find out the source of the terrible singing.

The indignant farm workers gave the unfortunate camel a hard beating.

Exercise 2

From the list of adjectives given, choose the most appropriate to fill the blanks left in the following sentences.

forgiving, sore, fast-flowing, thieving, beaten, patient, cowardly, kind, weary, deep, slow

The _________ and _________ camel made his _________ way back to the river. There, by the water's edge was the _________ fox, waiting for his _________, _________ companion. The river was _________ and _________, and the fox could not swim. He took for granted that he had a _________, __________ and _________ friend, and asked for a lift across the river.

Excercise 3

Supply adjectives for each of the given nouns. Try to use a different word each time.

friends, water, lunch, song, wind, sand, tree, heat, story.

Exercise 4

Which word in each of the following groups is not an adjective?

gulped, tasty, enjoyable, delicious

ponderous, lumbered, clumsy, slow

speedily, rapid, quick, swift

brilliant, sunshine, bright, scorching