Provision of office furniture & IT equipment for Refugee & Migrant Community Organisations

Call for Applications

Call for Applications
Provision of office furniture and IT equipment for Refugee and Migrant Community Organisations

Deadline: 18th July 2019

UNHCR Malta aims to promote community-based solutions through the support and empowerment of refugee and migrant community organisations (ReMCOs). UNHCR Malta seeks to support the activities of community organisations through the provision of items to establish a functioning office and meeting space.

Since UNHCR Malta first provided material support in the form of office furniture and IT equipment in 2017, several community organisations have grown or been set up. Hence, UNHCR Malta has issued another call for the provision of similar items for ReMCOs.

The following requirements must be met by all applicants:

  • The organisation must be registered with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations;
  • The organisation must have or be renting (or otherwise making use of) a space used as the organisation’s office or meeting place (this should not be a private residence);
  • The organisation must select which items they would like to be provided (in order of preference) from the predetermined list;

Preference will be given to those organisations which were not beneficiaries of the 2017 call.


Application Instructions

Interested ReMCOs must submit the application form (see below), with all required attachments in one of the following ways by the stipulated deadline:

– In person: UNHCR Malta, 52, Mountbatten Street, Hamrun, HMR 1574 (Click here for map)

– By post: UNHCR Malta, 52, Mountbatten Street, Hamrun, HMR 1574

– By email: [email protected]


To apply for office setup support, please download the application form for office setup here.

Please note: Both typed and handwritten application forms are accepted.

If you have any questions about the application, you can contact us on [email protected]