UNHCR welcomes all efforts that can contribute to effective rescue at sea

UNHCR welcomes all cooperation efforts that can contribute to effective rescue at sea operations, access to territory and protection.

The Times of Malta reported that a Malta-Italy commission was expected to be set up to seek a “solution to the long-standing disputes between Malta and Italy over the rescue of migrants at sea.”

UNHCR has in the past expressed concern on the need to address the issue of disembarkation in such a ways as to avoid a situation where asylum seekers are left stranded at sea before the dispute between Italy and Malta is resolved.

The commission will be tasked with holding high-level technical discussions over pending issues between the two countries, chiefly the rescue of migrants in distress and oil exploration, the Times of Malta reports.

“The technical talks will bring military teams from both countries around the table to chart a working plan of who should take action when vessels are in distress in specific areas at sea and where survivors should be taken after rescue,” Times of Malta said.