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Refugees in Malta

Video: Samsam’s family – I found protection in Malta

Outside Samsam’s home, wind runs softly through colourful and widely travelled clothes, silently telling the story of a long journey from Somalia to Malta. This journey began 2006 in Mogadishu, in the hard-fought capital of Somalia.

Video: Hagos’ story – I found protection in Malta

Hagos, a young man with a contagious smile diligently cleans the floor at the children’s ward in Mater Dei hospital while he waves joyfully to Maria, a young Maltese patient in a wheelchair. But Hagos’ warm smile does not reveal the painful experiences he went through leaving behind his home and family in Eritrea.

Video: Lawand’s story – I found protection in Malta

Syria is today engulfed in a bitter conflict where, according to reports, thousands of people have died and many have fled to neighbouring countries to find a safe haven. And even long before the current crisis erupted some groups in Syria have been struggling to have their voices heard. Lawand tells his story.