To support the authorities in addressing statelessness, since 2014, UNHCR and its free legal aid partner VP BiH, together with Roma community representatives, have conducted over 130 focus group sessions throughout the country providing information on birth and citizenship registration. Furthermore, UNHCR supported trainings to over 700 cantonal and municipal officials, social workers at centres for social welfare, and members of Roma NGOs to help them to better identify people at risk, provide assistance, and end the cycle of systemic neglect. These activities led to over 640 individuals obtaining a legal identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2017, UNHCR and UNICEF developed a Joint Strategy for Addressing Childhood Statelessness, with the aim to, in close collaboration with relevant authorities, Roma representatives, and other stakeholders in BiH, eradicate the risk of statelessness among Roma children and to ensure their full access to the rights of citizenship in BiH.

Based on the processes initiated with the regional Sarajevo declaration of 2005 (Sarajevo process) and subsequent donor conference in 2012, UNHCR and OSCE assist four partner countries in implementing the Regional Housing Programme.