From displacement to success – this beekeeper is keeping his dream alive

“For many years, my dream was to have my own apiary to raise bees.”

For many years, my dream was to have my own apiary to raise bees.”

The dream of this 52-year-old father of three was abruptly interrupted amid a crisis arrived in Ashrafieh Sahnaya, close to Daraya.



Marwan Akl arrived in As-Sweida in 2013, after fleeing from shelling and mortars.

As many other families Marwan was displaced, leaving everything behind.

When we arrived to Sweida, the economic situation was terrible. We could barely ensure our basic needs,” he says. “By chance I found out the Church was providing small grants for people to start their own businesses,” he adds.

Provided by GOPA and supported by UNHCR, he tried his luck – and his fate changed.

We finished the training with the support of UNHCR. I bought beehives and its equipment and then I bought the bees and established my own apiary. I started with four beehives and now I have 12,” explains Marwan.

During the difficult times, this project helped him to move forward. “There were matters related to our well-being that we couldn’t afford, but now it is within our reach thanks to this project.”

Edited by Gustavo Barreto