UNHCR contracts are awarded following these principles. A tabulation of bids is prepared after the Supply Management Service has received the offers. The salient points of each offer are compared. Contracts are awarded on the basis of the lowest evaluated offer best meeting the objective criteria of price, delivery and specifications. While the commitment to quality remains uncompromised, the relative weight given to price and delivery time during adjudication of the tender will vary in function of the urgency of the need. In emergencies, rapid delivery may take priority.

All proposals to enter into commercial contracts valued at US$150,000 or more for Headquarters and US$20,000 or more in the field require the approval of the Committee on Contracts. In an effort to make the UNHCR procurement process as transparent as possible, SMS is now posting all contract awards for business that are valued at US$150,000 or more.

A request for contract award information not posted on this page will require a specific request to the SMS email address.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders for more than US$100,000