About Gugu

British Hollywood actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw was announced as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency, in February 2021.

Supporting us since 2018, Gugu has visited both Rwanda and Uganda with UNHCR. In Rwanda she visited camps, and met women involved with livelihood projects and in Uganda she spent time with refugee women who had survived sexual violence and a youth settlement community living with albinism.  Gugu has written about her experience with UNHCR in outlets such as Refinery29 and Vogue, and has also been a big supporter of MADE51, a programme that empowers refugee artisans by helping them to sell their products globally.

Fundraising and Advocacy

Gugu has spoken out at various fundraising and advocacy events globally in Los Angeles, London, UK and South Africa.

Over the past 3 years, Gugu has consistently supported UNHCR campaigns on her social media channels. Gugu took part in the EveryOneCounts campaign in 2019, appearing alongside other UNHCR High Profile Supporters and Goodwill Ambassadors in a powerful multi-voice video to challenge xenophobia. More recently in 2020, Gugu contributed to our widely shared COVID-19 awareness appeal on her social media channels. In collaboration with IMDb, Gugu shared with us her three Films of Hope that inspire hope and highlighted the need for kindness, global solidarity and action, to fight Covid-19.

Gugu is known for her award-winning role in Belle, Beyond the Lights and Black Mirror San Junipero and most recently the Morning Show, Misbehaviour and Summerland. She will next be seen in Loki, the Marvel limited series on Disney April 2021.