Every day, children are forced to flee conflict alone

Alone, afraid and vulnerable to exploitation

No child should be left alone


In the chaos of conflict, thousands of children like Anna become orphaned or separated from their parents.


They are traumatised and at risk of trafficking, exploitation and abuse.


Will you help us protect vulnerable refugee children?



Over 170,000 

unaccompanied children worldwide 

35,000 lost or orphaned children

require protection in Ethiopia alone


could provide an orphaned or separated refugee children with a Child Rescue Kit.  


The world’s wars and disasters are causing unimaginable suffering to the most vulnerable amongst us: children.

In the conflict and upheaval that forces families to leave their homes, thousands of children become separated from their parents or lose them to violence. They are left with no choice but to endure long journeys to safety on their own.

With no one to care for them, they struggle to find shelter, food and water. Refugee children, particularly girls, are at a greater risk of gender-based violence. Their education is halted and they’re confronted with the trauma of losing their families and everything they ever loved.

Alone, they risk slipping through the cracks.





UNHCR is working tirelessly to protect unaccompanied refugee children from South Sudan and other conflict-affected countries such as Syria, Venezuela and Myanmar.

We are working to:

  • Quickly identify unaccompanied children during an emergency
  • Provide them with shelter, food, water and medical care
  • Shield them from child marriage, trafficking and exploitation
  • Reunite them with family members or find foster families
  • Rebuild children’s lives through psychosocial support in child-friendly spaces

But most importantly we’re helping orphaned or unaccompanied children meet other children, play games and remember what it’s like to be a child again.


Help us care for lost or orphaned refugee children