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A year in review: stories of resilience, hope, and global impact


A year in review: stories of resilience, hope, and global impact

From fostering resilience in communities to building bridges of hope, discover impactful stories that embody the spirit of compassion, solidarity, and progress in the United States.
26 December 2023
Mozaic- Mom and daughter

Eli’s Chicago Cheesecake creates a winning recipe for refugee inclusion

“By offering genuine employment opportunities to refugees, Eli's doesn't just provide a paycheck, they gift a sense of belonging, purpose, and hope.”

Eli's Cheesecake Company in Chicago has embraced a commitment to hiring and empowering refugees, with 30% of its workforce consisting of resettled refugees. The company's founder, Eli Schulman, was the son of Czech refugees, and this philosophy has become a guiding ethos for the business.

Notable success stories include Elias Kasongo, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who started as a dishwasher and now serves as the Vice President of Purchasing. The company's dedication to refugees extends beyond providing economic opportunities, creating a sense of belonging and purpose. Eli's Cheesecake sees this commitment as a recipe for success and encourages other businesses to invest in empowering refugees.

A middle school in Georgia is helping resettled refugee girls flourish in their new community

“Students are not judged because of where they come from, not judged because of how they look, how they speak or how old they are. They’re just here to feel safe, feel protected and feel like they’re heard and welcomed.”

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Kat Graham, spent a day the Global Village Project school in the state of Georgia. The school, founded in 2009, is the only school in the country focused on meeting the educational needs of refugee young women. With a curriculum rooted in trauma-informed teaching, the school's mission is not only to provide a safe and joyful environment but also to empower young women to pursue their goals and dreams.

The Global Village Project has been embraced by the local community in Georgia and thrives with the support from volunteers. Especially from the community in Clarkston, Georgia, a town that is known for its welcoming attitude toward refugees.

Culinary training offers refugees in the Washington, D.C. area a recipe for hope

“We live for hope, and that hope now fuels our energy,”

Rami and his family, refugees from Syria, faced challenges adapting to their new life in Virginia, USA. Navigating a new language and culture, they found solace in their love of food, leading them to establish Damascinos, a catering business showcasing authentic Syrian cuisine.

With the support of Mozaic, a nonprofit aiding refugees in culinary training and business opportunities, Damascinos flourished. Mozaic not only offers culinary training but also addresses refugees' unique needs, providing English language learning, tutoring for children, and assistance for daily necessities.

Through Mozaic's programs, refugees like Rami find a lifeline, resources, and a sense of hope, allowing them to settle and rebuild their lives in safety. The culinary skills, community support, and commitment to hard work are transforming challenges into opportunities for refugees, changing the narrative of their lives in the United States.