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UN Refugee Agency expresses gratitude to the United States for latest global funding

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UN Refugee Agency expresses gratitude to the United States for latest global funding

30 March 2016

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) today expressed its gratitude to the US government and the American people for their latest funding announcement of US$118 million to the UN Refugee Agency’s global operations.

“This latest funding from the United States demonstrates its continued humanitarian commitment to our emergency work in easing the suffering of millions of people worldwide,” said UNHCR Regional Representative in the United States, Shelly Pitterman.

“We deeply appreciate this vital support from the United States at a time when conflict and persecution are forcing more people to flee their homes than at any time since World War II.”  

Separately, Pitterman also expressed appreciation for the recent initiative of the White House to engage Americans to learn more about and contribute to UNHCR’s work.  In his introduction to the website, President Obama said that Americans have contributed to the cause “in incredible ways.”  “In the faces of suffering families, our nation of immigrants sees ourselves,” President Obama said.

UNHCR figures show that 59.5 million people fled for safety worldwide by the end of 2014, which means that around 42,500 women, girls, boys and men are becoming refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced every day.

The conflict in Syria, now into its fifth year, is the main reason for such a surge in the number of persons worldwide seeking safety, however Europe, the Americas, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia are all seeing increases in the number of persons fleeing.

UNHCR is working to alleviate humanitarian crises across the globe and this current US commitment will help support all the UN refugee agency’s lifesaving operations.