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Kinda Alloush

About Kinda

Kinda is a Syrian actress, known for her roles in Syrian and Egyptian drama and cinema, and has been a supporter of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency since 2016.

She is best known for her appearance as the character Dareen in the 2009 film Escaping Tel Aviv. She worked extensively in Syrian drama until 2009 in several series including Sweep, Smooth Spines, and Passion, and the Egyptian public knew her for the first time through her role in the series The People of Cairo and through her short role in the movie The Children of Uncle. On a directorial level, she directed the documentary In the Wind and Temptation Speaks. She won the “Murex Award” for best actress in 2010 for her role in The People of Cairo series, and the “Excellence Award” from the Arab Drama Festival for her role in the series Friendly Fire

In 2016 Kinda was featured in an episode of UNHCR's Ramadan show Basmet Amal on MBC TV. Since then, Kinda has supported UNHCR's winter appeal campaigns and Ramadan campaigns. In 2019, she visited an informal settlement in Beka'a and joined refugee families in an iftar.